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  • master_finance2003 master_finance2003 Feb 3, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    wishful thinking

    That is what most of you have. Dish taking over clearwire, fcc deny softbank taking over of sprint, google buy clearwire and sprint etc. are just pure delusion with no apparent logic. Dish never had intention to take over clearwire. neither one of them have the infrastructure (tens of thousands of towers) to build a network or the retail customers to become a national carrier. Besides, in order to take over clearwire, dish need to get approval from sprint. There are so many barriers that it is impossible for dish to become a national carrier even with clearwire's spectrum. About fcc denies softbank/sprint deal, how the in the world did a sane investor come up with that idea? remember it is the justice department who requested fcc to postpone their decision not the antitrust department. antitrust department's silence shows that they will approve of the deal because it will increase competition. the justice department in a short while will come to conclusion that softbank/sprint merger is no threat to national security. fcc will rule in favour of the deal because with softbank experience and cash, sprint will become a stronger third competitor against the verizon att duopoly, therefore the deal will promote publics good. clearwire has lots of spectrum but the fcc has no cap on its spectrum therefore any single company can own that spectrum under fcc's rules. the only way that clearwire minority shareholders can do is to vote against the deal but in a few short months clearwire will run out of cash and the specter of bk will come again similar to 2011 when clearwire will trade for less than 1 dollar. then, bod will have no choice but to accept cash from sprint that will convert to new shares which in turn will dilute clearwire existing minority shareholders to less than 25% of all outstanding shares. by then, taking over clearwire or not, sprint effectively will control clearwire's operations and management.

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    • Well I guess there are at least two delusional companies out there because both Sprint and Dish offered to buy all of Clearwire's shares so is it really so delusional that there could be others? Ask yourself how delusional is it to want to acquire Spectrum when there is such a big shortage. Not too long ago a CEO was quoted as saying "Spectrum is like gold, you can never have enough of it.". Now is it not logical to want to acquire GOLD. Everything in life revolves around barriers and those that can overcome barriers are the ones most lijkely to succeed.

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      • Few people on the planet outside of this board believe that DISH has made a complete, executable offer. It was a first step but is not complete as proposed because it does not provide a complete path forward for Clearwire. Sprint is in control, not so pressed that they have to use Clearwire right now, when CW needs it. The trouble is that DISH can't simply buy out Sprint's legal and contractual position or standing with the regulators.

        A group of people can easily delude themselves.. this is not the newly funded business that has degrees of freedom to be able to move on their own. Read up on Clearwire's website/investor section on the SEC filings as a must do starting point.

    • You good sir are correct!

      I owned a very large amount of CLWR for $1.70,sold for almost a double, and put a lot into Sprint.

      Why...common sense, CLWR most likely has less upside in the long term. If S obtains all or most the the spectrum S stock has MUCH more upside over the next 3 years with SB investment.
      It's laughable to think that Dish is looking to acquire all of CLWR, for the reasons you mentioned, they have no network together nor the funds to implement one in any reasonable timeframe.

      Ergen is most likely looking to bring S to the table, he needs network access not more spectrum! He is looking for a joint venture, or he can eventually sell his spectrum for a nice appreciation. Sprint doesn't want to be forced to the table by Dish's offer to gain minority interest and force a higher Sprint offer....that is what is taking place!

      There are no other offers because Sprint has a controlling interest in CLER and other offers would be for a minority interest which does little to benefit ATT and VZ, same reason they haven't done anything with CLWR in the past, they want ownership not wholesale, and with Sprint majority control they get no ownership! All the rest is silly sepculation.

      Just the facts as we know them now.

    • AT&T, VZ and others will just continue sticking their fingers up their nose waiting on CLWR BK, only to face Sprint again. It is less expensive for ATT and VZ to place cash on the table now and be done with this than to wait for sprint to come up to speed with all their great plans and take away of customers. Obviously u don't think big.

    • How many shares of Sprint do you own?

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      • I own a lot but none of clearwire just simple because I don't see that much upside in clearwire above 3 but a lot of upside in sprint! You would think that I wish google will acquire sprint and clearwire together but I don't. Reason is with softbank acquiring about 70%, other investors can participate in future upside. any company acquiring 100% of sprint will make investors sacrifice longterm gain for only limited short term profit. here is another thing. If softbank walk, then sprint will tank but clearwire will even go down further. remember even before the softbank deal, sprint was trading above 5 already. what was clearwire trading back then? even without softbank deal, dish will not acquire clearwire because of sprint's majority control and the amount of funds that require dish/clearwire to build a competitive national network! Ergen's goals are either to get a free ride on sprint clearwire network or sell its spectrum for a nice profit to att. therefore engaging in this drama with clearwire and sprint make his spectrum more valuable and more urgent for att. I doubt he ever wants to built a carrier network from scratch!