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  • teampt teampt Feb 8, 2013 10:43 PM Flag

    Cramer might like this one

    What if Apple were to buy Dish, Sprint and CLWR all in one swoop. Pay off all the debt and still have cash left over. The cable companies, VZ and ATT would all have to bow down to the new Gorilla in town. All the spectrum would be in an American Company and SB would have to lick its wounds.

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    • Cash is King. They can do anything they want when they are ready. And yes they could swoop all three and then some if they want. With the cash they have they would get that network up and running in no time. By end of year new phones and tablets would be TDD LTE enabled ready to go.

    • You are having a few too many drinks this Saturday.. or joking. Are you crazy? Apple is never going to buy Clearwire, DISH, or Sprint. That is not their business. If Apple were to push out of the historical business areas, they would be more likely to do something like 'new media' content production or other stuff that they can plug into their enviable margin device-content delivery end-to-end control freak system. #$%$ in the world would the idiots get into a single country mobile utility infrastructure business? They might be casting around for places to plug their bongo bucks but they are not that stupid. Clearwire is a plumbing company... a technology-mongo plumber of networks. Stanton is a smart guy and the new-current management has pursued a more fertile course... but too late.. they amount to being a company holding their bleeding ball sack.