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  • believe_it987 believe_it987 Feb 10, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    The longs would like to pay special thanks to Spok for all his

    excellent advise and insight while pumpimg CLWR from $17.00 to $3.21
    baaaaa baaaaaa baaaaaa
    don't listen to his muti alias crapola, he has an evil agenda or he is the dumbest investor on the planet, either way he's poison!!!

    Sheep Protector

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • CLWR done nothing but go since you came here with your whining... Ha

    • You're so transparently jealous... Get used to it, you're irrelevant

    • Spok didn't "pump" CLWR since it was anywhere close to 17. He is as reasonable in his admittedly long perspective as might be expected from someone taking a position in a stock. Everyone understands that once someone buys something they become proponents.. you would have to be a real newbie idiot to think that others have all the answers and their opinions are without bias. Many longs or shorts will seek out interpretations of the position and prospects for an investment that favors their position. Its up to those who try to figure out where the direction will go to take that into account. Even if a fellow idiot were inclined to take Spok's or anyone else's advice as all they need to know to make a decision to invest long or short, of course its still up to them to time their buy/sell orders and place stop-loss orders/mental stop loss levels, sell calls, buy puts or buy the stock as part of a mutual fund that spreads the risk. Nobody every holds another's hand on the mouse button and forces the fellow idiot dimtwat to press down.