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  • indano indano Feb 11, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    S/SB Divest to GOOG.MSFT,APPL for Approval = Free WiFi

    *FCC Plan for Free Public WiFi Gains Traction After Endorsements From Google and Microsoft - Marketwire
    More rumblings of free public WiFi. Only way to provide is CWLR PTP to WiFi.
    Expect Google, Clearwire and Sprint to work a deal wherein Google receives Federal Broadband Funding to build natiowide highspeed mobile network on Clearwire spectrum. [ Huge Public Benefit, thus Public funding]
    Will run side-by-side (hosted by) Clearwire+Sprint towers and will thus assist Sprint w/TD-LTE build.
    Requirement will be for open-network i.e. ALL carriers receive equal access for minimal fee. ALL handsets will have TD-LTE Band 41. Sprint will receive residuals.
    We're sitting on a Gold Mine!!!
    $8+ NO LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!