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  • vetfrc vetfrc Feb 12, 2013 7:20 AM Flag

    FCC will not delay ruling on S/Softbank deal

    Todays news release. Things are starting to heat up.

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    • Also includes CLWR: "The FCC has included Sprint’s offer for Bellevue, Washington-based Clearwire in its review of Softbank’s plan to buy about 70 percent of Sprint."

      Dish is toast.

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      • Everyone with two working brain hemispheres know and understand the spectrum held by Clearwire is worth multiplies of what Sprint is offering IF the spectrum is free of the onerous encumbrances Sprint has in place with Clearwire.

        Once again the AT&T CEO said THIS week that the 40MHz of spectrum that DISH has already accumulated is “very” valuable. That is a company with no current network, no current phone customers, direct or wholesale and no working chipsets for their frequencies. Clearwire has all of those and a TDD-LTE product supported list about to be released (the pipeline is almost full and ready for release). PLUS “Clearwire holds a coveted radio spectrum position in the US market having on average over 100 MHz of spectrum bandwidth across the country within the 2496 to 2690 MHz frequency range.”

        The only way this share price has been offered/forced is because of those encumbrances and the FCC/DOJ may well eliminate them with a spectrum cap on the SB puppet master, allowing the Clearwire BoD to release the value of the spectrum through a fair and open auction process.

      • Just because they are not going to delay doesnot mean they are going to approve the deal that S/SB have on the table.

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      • Wrong. So, if the FCC approves the deal(s) then the clwr bod is in breach of fiduciary for not considering dish's higher offer, and then the FCC can be sued by the minority institutionals + unaffiliated common. Dish needs to bid close to $8 for 49% that S does'nt own in order to knock the ball out of the park.

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