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  • concadoro8855 Feb 12, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    can someone make heads or tails from these headlines ?????

    Clearwire Posts Wider Loss Than Estimated as Sprint Deal Looms

    and then two seconds later......

    Clearwire posts narrower loss even as revenue falls

    hehe !!!!!

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    • When a patient is in intensive care the flow of the medical report can be a mixed bag. Currently our patient CLWR hangs by a thread as it sucks on the nipple of Sprint for survival. Sprint's glands are now swollen and the insurance company has denied any further procedures to keep this patient from it's natural death.

      The doctor has now made the decision and is advising the next of kin that it's time to PULLL THE PLUG. This story has run it's course except to the sheep that still believe in Santa and think he's coming to town to rescue this debt ladden, not income producing turd in a punch bowl.

      Sheep Protector

      Sentiment: Strong Sell