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  • rolfledolf rolfledolf Feb 12, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Fourth Qtr. Earnings Don't Matter

    Teamrep is right in one regard, it is all a sideshow, Subscribers, revenue, wimax, ebitda -- none of that matters. The spectrum matters as does the 4G technology that Clearwire has in place and is still building. That is what's for sale. That is what Sprint and Softbank want. It is what Dish wants, and it is what others want as well. The value of the share price is either $2.97 or $3.30 or something higher. Today earnings don't matter and won't directly affect the share price. It's all about the behind the scenes, for now, battle that is going on.

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    • If none of it matters, like you put it, then CLWR would have been BK a long time ago and the spectrum would have been auctioned and I wouldn't be posting this. CLWR is a wholesale company. Plain and simple. It all matters, because if the Sprint or Dish deal does not go thru , then what. Anything is possible. In addition the 4G technology you speak of is TDD-LTE, which they have not fully rolled out yet. Once they do it will be the only company with TDD-LTE in North America, so in that respect I agree with you.

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    • right !! nothing matters other than the entirety of your private prism. Financials,customer base, revenue,profit throw it all out the window. Just sit back and fire up another and all will be well.
      Geeesh!! you sheep are getting more and more desperate by the day.

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