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  • indano indano Feb 13, 2013 12:17 AM Flag

    CLWR CC: Help.. Sprint Holding US Hostage

    Sounded like Hesse was in the room holding a gun to everyone's head. VERY OBVIOUS Clearwire is ready to roll with TD-LTE and is being held up (stifled) by Sprint. Shhhheeeeeeet CLWR can't even CALL their high interest notes because Sprint won't let them!
    That does NOT support ANY shareholder's best interest.
    Sprint is blatantly trying to STEAL Clearwire.
    Answer to every question.... "you better ask Sprint" well FFFFKKKK Sprint.
    Absolutely a NO VOTE from me!!!!
    Please join me - no way in hell Sprint!!!
    $8+ NO LESS.
    Praying that Google or DISH buys CLWR and Sprint crashes and burns!
    TD-LTE phones ready, VoLTE ready!!
    Why are we waiting on Sprint? They DON'T own CLEARWIRE!!!! and hopefully NEVER WILL!!

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    • I got the impression there was somewhat of a Stockholm syndrome going on though, what with all the "Sprint this..." and "Sprint that..." they've let Sprint tie them up nice and tight, no wonder Hesse won't increase the bid - its all sewn up!

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      • I am not going to read into their rehearsed statements anymore since I realize they are being watched closely by both sprint, Dish, various hedge funds and FCC/DOJ/SEC/FBI/Homeland Security. But this is not over yet as others may want us to believe. All of CLWR spectrum in the hands of one competitor represents a threat to many. The many will out gun the outsider when the time comes. The many liked it the way it was heading, right into BK so they could participate later on buying some of the spoils. The timeline has changed, the conditions and new rules of the game await.

      • It's not sewn up, the minority shareholders get to vote, and it no secret how that will go...