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  • sanjayhoo sanjayhoo Feb 15, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Not a huge leap

    If the stories are true, Google is apparently signing up nearly 50% of the residents of it's "fibrehoods" in KC at a 1GBps speed and $70 per month. So people will sign up in astonishing numbers if the technology serves a need, is priced right and comes from a trusted source. With Google Talk, Voice, Video, Play, Movies, etc., the only thing needed when you're away from home is direct access to a reasonably priced mobile service so that most, if not all, your billing comes from a single source. This is for the books you download, the movies you watch, the calls you make, etc while traveling. You can't do this today with any of the carriers without constantly watching your allocated data. So there's got to be content providers out there looking at their customers' mobile data consumption patterns and figuring out the economics of owning their own dedicated delivery pipes both for the home and away from home. The future is anywhere, anytime connectivity with simplified billing through a few trusted sources. I think people will pay a premium for this. Other than CLWR, I don't see that many entities out there that can provide a network, knowledge and the needed spectrum to make it all happen. Some of these content providers have mountains of cash. Will they step up or just watch Dish and S/SB take control of the last available "big" resource ? Time will tel.

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