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  • ed_amamay ed_amamay Feb 22, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    my friends, I am far from gone. I hear to set the kettle on low heat next week

    game is far from over, the proxy battle yet to begin.

    the headlines, if you can call a "penny a click" SA or MF article a "headline", simply play to the emotions of the retail investor. Although they provide some fodder, they are written by college students who hope to earn 10 bucks an article..yes, 1000 clicks, that is.

    from the water cooler gang....let the proxy make its way to the remaining minority that Sprint needs to "win"...when the numbers show the losing battle, the bidding begins.

    regardless what any ymb,SA or Mf article may state...Sprint is a floating log without CLWR. FACT! Sure, they will meander along, but, the long term survival is well muted.

    Sprint needs CLWR, but, no need to bid until necessary. The billionaire boys club has no need to convene until after proxy. But, the rhetoric will begin next week as Ergen does not like to get pushed around...and the FCC gave him a little shove.

    Another volume push past $3.20 next week. Kellet and Crest start some trouble again as well.

    Yes, we sit at a boring spot, but, only the retail guys are bored. There is far more going with the smartest guys in the room. DISH just might step in and take care of the vendor details, just let it play out and have faith.

    Even our resident mustard stained, t-shirt wearing, self proclaimed unemployed analyst is beginning to stretch his posts to make it a menage-a-quad. like most things in life, the middle innings, the second and third quarter and the second period are boring and meaningless.

    We are progressing to the end game and smart money is saying we get in excess of $4.00 a share, one way or another.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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