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  • petertohan petertohan Feb 26, 2013 7:01 PM Flag

    teamrep, I need to devote an entire topic to you.

    If you have made "reports" and "evaluations" of companies within this industry over the years, why are you sitting at home all day posting on a Yahoo message board?

    My guess is that your reports were as worthless to those that hired you as they are here. You have been right about nothing!

    You continue to pretend that you can value things, value clwr, value the company assets, etc. But, with all of your perfectly presented and well written posts, you have been dead wrong on proce, the deal in general and even the players who would get involved.

    Why are you not still working? If you were, your posts would certainly be a violation of ethics if you were paid by anyone even remotely close to the actual players in this deal.

    Come clean, please. What happened in your life for such a talented and well thought out fiction writer to become a Yahoo message board poster? You became angry a few months ago when "clearlywired" did not go bankrupt. Were you a burned short?

    I am curious as to what has turned you into an obnoxious and totally oblivious "analyst", (as you called yourself on the Sprint board), who continues to berate any idea that has as much theoretical merit as your own.

    Please explain. Then enjoy your negative and lonely life.

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    • I have to agree with Teamrep on this one. There is no need to insult someone just because you don’t like his views. If anything, Teamrep does understand the dynamic of the sleazy telecom industry. You have to give him credit at least on that. If you don’t like what he has to say then take his argument apart and challenge him piece-by-piece. But I have also noticed that whenever Teamrep loses an argument he throws a tantrum right in your face.

      Remember, any views can be challenged just by countering with your own. If anything Teamrep is an excellent writer and I’m sure many here still enjoy his writings whether they agree with him or not.

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      • Thanks sunnybeach.. as everyone should know, I can be a jerk but I think its with a purpose ; ^)

        I think there are a lot of people who are sore... there usually are when things do not work out in business, investments, career plans. I look at the experience of the past several years following this industry... and despite what I see as many upsets for 'how things might have been' I'm more confident that I know what is going on now than at any time in my life. I don't know brain surgery, but I know a lot about how this industry works, how to get at information, how to unearth stuff companies either benefit from or wish I couldn't. You cannot have a goal of pleasing everyone... who was it that said if you aren't making some enemies, then you aren't worth your salt? If you dig deep into technology, law, business, or much else, you are likely to stir up trouble. Of course, there are those who claim that 'being professional' is never to take sides with much of anything... just go along to get along and tell/sell people what they most want to hear... brown nose your way to the top IS often the way to easy street. Personally I think that is a large part of the problem we face as a nation.. blame the other person, other party, and keep the faith with your own and everything will float onto the next group, party, or generation to deal with. Darn it all, haven't we all had enough of 'excusitis' blame game in business, politics and maybe our own family/personal lives? There is hardly anyone cyring out for 'the buck stops here' in either business or politics... or if so, then in the next breath its back to politics as usual... until the walls come crashing down upon us.

        Clearwire has merits as well as vices of course.. but the outcome is bloody awful for the poor suckers, er investors who soak up the Ponzi Scheme NASDAQ capital charade. This is insane and is what contributes to the 'Rise and Fall of the American Empire' imo. That analogy is far from being over, the winding down of the obesity supported by both parties will be with us for many years as we try to deal with winding down of spending even while our infrastructure lay rotting, our technical skills as a nation need upgrading, and our capital is as much chasing after investment industry hype as it is solid business deals... its gotten to a point where we need out allies to bail us out.. Welcome to American Japan, Germany.. if you have money to invest due to your hard work, send it our way... we'll print off fresh Hollywood movies to sell your people in return!
        The fun in this industry has just begun. Its going to remain unsettling because some companies will not make it and what people learned to succeed may become obsolete, need constant updating. That change is what I've always sought out.. my problem has been getting bored and trusting others to live up to their promises. So long as there are new horizons to pursue, why not look at this and every other experience as just one more step on the ladder?

        What is next? A whole heck of a lot. 4G/ICT is now just starting. What comes on top of it is still mostly on the drawing boards. Those who learn from past success and mistakes will now know better how to anticipate, move first on opportunities or avoid similar lessons as Clearlywired.

      • Don't take sides on a personal issue that's none of your business. Everyone should question TeamRep's motivations as he is held to a higher standard based on his representation of being an analyst.

    • What makes you think I am sitting home writing on this board? What nonsense. Do you know how many minutes it takes to put out pablum on this board. about as fast as I can type.

      You say I have been right about nothing? Har de har har.. the only reason you posted is because I have been right about the basic premises from the start as the situation has evolved. If you had followed what I posted, you would have taken advantage of CLWR when it went to a low price, or, shorted it higher. I went wrong in my advice, which I've admitted to here clearly, when I recommended a buy prematurely at around 2.40 only to see the stock tank to less than 1. However, I have never advised buying and holding without seeking stops or other protection. I have also advised taking profits and pointed out the positions of short sellers.. who, as everyone honest must admit, have been 'right' more than longs. There is no 'right side' other than the right side of the trade.

      If you don't like my mposts, or why I post, or don't like my tone, or claim I am not being 'professional' whatever the heck that is supposed to mean (professional liar is that you?). I tell it like I see it and challenge you or anyone else to stop blabbering out of your #$%$ and point to the positions I have taken to prove what you say. The record is there to be challenged. Why post here? because its easy and does not take much time. its taken me all of about four minutes to post this. Do your best to come up with facts instead of bleeting our your arso.. come on.. it will be entertaining.

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      • You sill have not answered my question. Why did you lose your job? Here is my guess:

        business kept getting "younger" and more progressive in nature. You, on the other hand, kept getting older. I am not speakijng of age, I am speaking of relativity. You became less relavant because you are an "old school" guy with old school thoughts. You beat up on guys like Ergen, yet, he was a visionary that would have left you far behind if you were involved in any of his companies.

        You would have "wanted" to go, but, you would not have believed in his progressive nature.Stand back, tr, this deal will probably get bigger and astound even you.

        I am only in the trade for the money, not the glory. I will take my profit and apply it to another investment.

        You must be in your mid fifties or early sixties. My advice to you is to enjoy the next 15-20 years, its all you have left at a lifestyle you can enjoy. Stay positive, it does wonders for the brain and body.

      • We tend to click and type at the speed of light, right teamrep? Jeeeeez Pete.. What is this 2008? I'm taking a poop right now! #$%$ technology!