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  • foxhunt_55 foxhunt_55 Feb 27, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    They are deparate to take the stock price down below $3.00 with all these news leaks about taking the money

    First of all, no FCC ruling to let the other carriers know what the rules of the game are. Second, minority holders have not voted and third, other interested parties in this spectrum would need to roll over and play dead and allow your Son to be the king of spectrum in the US. It ain't going to happen. Count on it.

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    • Who is they?? you boneheads are always floating the conspiracy, abd that;s because you have to credible response to the stark contrast of reality!!! Keep pumping "what if's" while the weight of your financial blunder keeps pulling you under. I per say don't have an issue with someone losing their own money but why must you try to pull others under with you?? You are a loser on theis stock and chances are you area broke #$%$.k. dog stop posting trash with nothing to back it. Clearwire has accepted financing from Sprint because they are as broke as you, and all the other dribble is total fantasy land!!!

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      • I'm not sure you are right, and if you wieght the facts your post is more Dribble. You don't know this persons entry point and the cost basis, so you don't know if he is broke. The pps has traded as low as .90 and currently is $3.20. Giving lots of room for profit... So with that being said how about you, why are you here? Lastly it's odd that the pps rallied yesterday before these headlines hit and the timing of them. In the end we will all soon find out what the truth is.