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  • teamrep teamrep Feb 27, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    Yahoo, such wimby idiots... going down, down down.

    Yahoo anti democracy, anti new age, neanderthal anal retentives.

    What with the new CEO, is she trying to prove her moxie by being old school, backwards? The organization does need to focus much better.. but the way they do that is to chop off telecommuting? They were loosey-goosey so that might be the chopping off of the gangrene morbidity the company had become.

    Another issue, when I try to post my own web site links the motherpuckers don't allow it. Im not a spammer. They let spammers go wild. probably because they get ad revenue... but you and me or any individual that does not generate spam revenue? chopped off at our knees.. the flagrant abuse is what is enging them.. its why Yahoo! is not Facebook. .. the leadership has been clueless... people want to post what they want with overrides on what they see as it suits them. Not the Yahoo! buttwanks deciding for us.

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    • Maybe, just maybe, Yahoo has come to realize your posts have, or rather, or still irrelavent. Probably just a poor excuse to have gain some recognition from the masses. Or is it a self-esteem issue you're dealing with? Whatever, get a life and go elsewhere! hehe