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  • teamrep teamrep Feb 28, 2013 9:12 PM Flag

    Mobile World Congress stressed themes: Smart Networks, Larger Screens, Cloud 4G

    SDWN, Smart Distributed WBB networks including smarter, tiered small cells used in multiple-carrier networks has become a big topic. (check my websites cloud4g and maravedis hot topics page for videos etc.)

    The smart network theme is one that will not pass away to the sideliones quickly because there is a lot off advanced that will take several years of further development and deployments before it reaches a level of maturity. Its what compels Softbank to value 2.6GHz spectrum so highly.. they are among the world's leaders in tackling interference issues that limit effective use of small cells and strategies for combining multiple tiers and bands of spectrum using multiple scale of devices. However, what Softbank KT, and other leaders are doing is, nonetheless, only at the very early stages of what will eventually evolve... and its why macrocell networks will eventually be viewed as antiquated relics.. the crank phones of a bygone era of wireless.

    Larger screen devices have become a hot topic: as mentioned here a couple years back, the trend makes sense because higher resolution screen, cameras and need to display video add to their market attractiveness when fueled by the higher bandwidth networks.

    Much is starting to happen as the wireless is deploying 'LTE-Advanced ready' stage of networks... the current networks are still not full 'True 4G' but are now prepared to that stage.