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  • velocityinvestor velocityinvestor Mar 8, 2013 5:31 AM Flag

    Crest in keeping quiet, too quiet

    In light of the recent news about the large payouts to the executives I would have expected another round of public statements by the largest shareholders. Instead they have been silent along with Dish as well. This leads me to conclude two possible reasons for this:

    1) Crest and Kellog have been promised private backdoor cash settlements to appease their concerns about the low $2.97 buyout price. Dish has been promised a spectrum deal after the Softbank deal closes

    2) Sprint is prepared to raise the buyout price to satisfy all parties but they must not interfere anymore with public statements.

    I belive the later is true, which allows them to continue to flood the media with negative news stories shaking retail investors out of their holdings. While there is silence from the once most outspoken against this deal.

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    • No one is in any hurry to comment or say anything until they know the rules of the game. Why? Because if the FCC says that CLWR spectrum does not need to comply with spectrum caps, you will see the bid go up. Who wouldn't want to hoard this spectrum if it does not count against you. If they come back and say that it must comply and Sprint/CLWR needs to spin some of it off before they can acquire, then you have an auction which should enhance the PPS in the market. Either way, minority holder will benefit. That is why everyone is quiet. No need to make any fuss for now just wait it out and see how it will play out. In the meantime, this is dead money but the problem is, no one can predict when the rulling will be made public. I will predict that whoever is going to participate on buying something besides S and Dish, they already have their numbers worked out for whatever scenario plays into their hand. Once all this is made public, watch the fireworks.

    • Public statements? What is the purpose?

      Crest has entered a lawsuit which is scheduled for sometime after Softbank's acquisition of Sprint and S's of CW are finalized. It is hardly a show stopper for the deals unless the FCC were to rule in a highly unusual way as Crest requested to strip out the EBS/BRS spectrum.

      Crest has entered requests for denial with the FCC.

      What you suggest is that Crest or Mt. Kellett put some stuff out for the public to feed their fantasy world? What are they going to say? "As minority shareholders with no real say on the matter, we don't like you paying key executives while we sit on the ashes of the past dreams of glory of the fire that you guys helped fan!" When in heck has investing in common stocks worked that way?

      Your request is pointless.

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      • Teamrep: Don't worry about Crest and Mt. Kellett. They can and will take care of themselves and the minority independents. If the $2.97 Sprint offer were a done deal too many people would know and the price would be sitting there right now. The fact that CLWR sits at approx. $3.16 trading on minimal volume indicates that everybody is sitting still, waiting to see how it all spins out. Not a done deal, and it's moronic to assert otherwise.

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    • test, you are correct velocity, very fishy not a word from Crest or Mt. Kellet

    • They are also involved in litigation and may not want to say much right now.