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  • velocityinvestor velocityinvestor Mar 11, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Clearwire valued at $5.65-$9.90 per share!

    Right off the press today - "Sprint has valued Clearwire’s spectrum at $0.21 per MHz-POP. But as per Information Age Economics’ (IAE) estimation, the spectrum should range between $0.40 and $0.70 per MHz-POP."
    This comes to $5.65-$9.90 per share just for their spectrum holdings. Stop trying to steal these companies for pennies.

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    • Do you not understand that Clearwire cannot survive on it's own, that it's a failing business and whoever buys it buys not only it's spectrum but it's debt also. That is why the bids are where they are. The spectrum may be worth a lot but they are not buying only the spectrum

    • If my memory serves me correctly, I think that T paid VZ $3.77 per Mhz-pop for spectrum not too recently ago.

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    • Dish’s offer to Clearwire is also at 21 cents / MHz-POP. It’s not what IAE's says is the true value rather it is the market that determines the true value. In this case, both Sprint and Dish have determined 21 cents is the fair value for Clearwire's spectrum.

      Can't argue with the market!

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      • The value of the combined Clearwire-Sprint spectrum at the time New Clearwire was formed was estimated at being worth in the range of 35c-45c/MHz-POP. The historical value set by known acquisition and lease rates was about 17c-25c. However the higher value was being placed on it because of the promise that the then new WiMAX first stage 4G system would turn the spectrum into a profitable business opportunity. The value is now set within the original range. Inn other words, its set back to a value of raw spectrum waiting to be proven it can be turned into a profitable stretch of real estate that is not too far distant from the mainstream that too few developers and users flock to it. The partially built "WiMAX Village" development still sits on the outskirts of central areas of development where 98% of the 3G-4G action is thriving. Think of that as the WiMAX Village development being a few years old new set of high rise building on the perimeter highway... that sit only 10% occupied and with some of the renter (subscribers) now leaving to move into the new 4G LTE buildings closer to the mainstream city BORGopolis. BORGopolis saw what the out of the way WiMAX Village was doing: renting larger spaces with new furnishings, (new 4G phones) and set on the course to build their own larger buildings with only slightly higher rental rates. People like what is new... Clearwire has old handsets and the buildings are now a bit out of date.

        Thus the property the buildings sits on is valued a lot based on what can be done with it... show that a new structure can be built called LTE-Advanced and fill it up with users who make it profitable and the value of the property will go up to the level that ANALyst Cornsucker the 3rd or whoever says its now worth based on a formula using spectrum where building rentals make a profit. Corsucker ANAlysts are shysters.. either they don't know better or are chucking a jiving you'all.

      • Wrong, let me do the simple math for you....Dish's offer of $3.30 is 23.3 cents / MHz-POP. Must be pretty confusing for you seeing the market has already discounted Sprint's offer of $2.97/share and has held above it for over two months. Soon you will be even more confused when the market takes the price above the Dish offer of $3.30/share.

        Stop arguing with the market!

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      • That's the problem stupidbeach, the market isn't being allowed to determine the price.

    • two buyers. one at $2.97 the other $3.30 but i do not see the $5.65 or the $9.90 bidders on my computer.

      This seems a lot like car buying . the salesman said 2k for your trade but you say it is worth 3k salesman said not to me.

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      • Completely wrong analogy as trading in a used car is and always has been a buyers market where the buyer has the upperhand in dictacting the price due to the lack of other buyers and the constant depreciation of the value of cars. As shown from the news today about the coming T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger to be blocked by Paulson & Co the race to aquire more spectrum it is not a buyers market. This is a strong indication that spretrum is a sellers market. The sellers hold all the cards as the buyers are scrambling to gobble up more spectrum. Here is how your analogy works if was a sellers market for used cars (which it has never been):

        The salesman said 2k for your trade but you say it is worth 3k and you have 8 other car lots that are willing to pay 3K. You tell the salesman you will take 3.5K as a trade or you will go else where.

        The companies looking to aquire spectrum below market value should take a note out of your car salesman analogy and realize by underbidding they could lose the ability to keep up with demand if they either take too long to get a deal done or if another bidder comes along and offers fair/to above fair value for the spectrum. Greed will kill you everytime when you are in a market that everyone wants into. You have to move fast and bold to keep the others from being able to react fast enough.

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