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  • indano indano Mar 14, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

    International Business Times: Samsung S4 TD-LTE

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available with 3G and 4G LTE, as well as TD-LTE, to be both fast and truly accessible. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible at very fast download speeds. And it has an infrared function for TV-watching and Samsung's own proprietary system that lets you automatically stream photos to your home and/or TV as soon as they're taken.

    Also, you can transfer from almost any phone with any operating system to the Galaxy S4 -- it just takes the desktop program Samsung Smart Switch to back up your phone information and load it directly onto the phone.

    Battery And Storage

    The Galaxy S4 features a power-packed 2,600mAh battery that provides 500Ah more juice than the battery in the Galaxy S3. The phone is also sold with 16 GB with options to expand to 32 GB and 64 GB.


    Samsung has really upped the ante with the 13-megapixel camera on the Galaxy S4, rivaling many point-and-shoot cameras, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. But the company's new dual-camera feature means photos and video can be shot from both front and rear facing cameras simultaneously. Even better, if people walk in or out of your shots from either camera when you're filming, you can easily remove those unintended pasersby with just a few taps.

    The camera also features the imaging technology, "Samsung Orb." Based on 360-degree panorama called "Photosphere" introduced on Android 4.2, the mechanism similarly allows for panorama imaging, as well as 3-D-like photography.

    Apple better move fast!!!!!! Here's a phone for Clearwire & China Mobile networks!

    $8+ NO LESS !!

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    • Samsung is a monster. Seriously, Smasung has invested in 4G development from the start. They were a bit slow in pushing MIMO but otherwise were leaders in OFDMA/SC-FDMA on the network side, which is hardly that important from their perspective as the handset market. However, their early work on the foundation of the network helped prepare them to move into the handset arena of 4G with their own chips and, of course, display technologies. Samsung was among the mobile device industry players who were captive of their own cleverly crafted 'walled garden'. The problem with that concoction was that it was highly contrived as a constrained stage of development devoid of open innovations. The baaaasssstaaardssss! Whenever you bottle yourself into your own containment that gets shattered from outside, as Apple did, you deserve the moniker. I deserve it myself at times... too crafty for your own good is stupid isn't it?

      Samsung is now rocking on the Android party train.

      Several operators and suppliers tried to fashion alternatives to Android but what they failed to understand, including Microsoft, is that the pace of development has now shifted to where you cannot drum up OS or other stuff like FireFox HTML5 as a new playing field. You can figure out how to get into the critical pivot points or, perhaps, how to start working on a new stream of developments starting now that will unleash in 3-5 years so that you become something like the next tier on the hierarchical gravy train pyramid, but Microsoft nor Apple nor anyone can stop the clock from ticking. Either figure out how to get in the game at a faster clock rate, which I think is impossible, or figure out what the next staging of developments will be far enough and not so brain dead that you miss them.