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  • teamrep teamrep Mar 19, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    New Consortium Formed: IT Industry Heavyweights Join Softbank-Sprint

    (dateline -13 April 1, 2013) A consortium named YourNetShare was announced among leading firms in the IT-software-Internet, wireless operator, and cloud services firms including Softbank-Sprint, Google, Amazon, IBM, Cisco, and Huawei. Under the agreement, each company has made commitments based on a joint vision for building a new business relationship that will trade off streamlined approaches to both business methods and network deployments in return for expected gains in ICT marketshare.

    Spokesperson for YourNetShare LLC, Chatsworth (Chat) Beningsley III stated that, "The role of our company is to squash the competition by enabling a pace of change in harnessing a consumer driven applications boom in our 'massively tiered' approach to business development. To allay DOJ, FCC and other concerns, the consortium has proposed to the FCC and DOJ that although we face pioneering challenges, we nonetheless agree to allocate 1/4 of the aggregated spectrum to the most liberating open access available. Our business model relies on stimulating innovations that free up business productivity while driving marketshare and user participation in tiered levels of service and enhanced personal and organizational prosperity. What's more, we agree to promote Green 4G, the use of the technologies and social impact of our efforts to ease net environmental impacts. Our initial plan is to pursue four segments of ICT we believe will be transformative, Chatsworth.