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  • nightstar427 nightstar427 Apr 13, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    the new player?

    No one is talking about the new player?

    "The company said the offer covered leases generally located in large markets and was for a gross price of $1B-$1.5B, excluding the present value of spectrum leases."

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    • 'Strategic buyer' was the wording used.... Was it big blue or maybe big red ? The drama continues

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      • Most of the drama is more imagined than real. What is real is ownership, agreements, money and cash flows, etc. The term 'strategic deal' does raise an eyebrow... it was a term Erik and Hope once used in a conference call prior to the acquisition agreement with Sprint. That can mean joint builds and other agreements and collaboration outside of spectrum sale. However, whatever the deal may be, Clearwire cannot accept it unless it has approval of Sprint. Again, the only way around that is for a deal to go way over the top to take out S-SB which will not happen in all likelihood. Yet, there is the long standing plan of both CW and S to partner that, despite being acquired by SB, still has some chance of becoming acceptable to all parties. The character of that is not the same as what you are saying... not CW accepting a small deal for a couple billions outside of their current agreement for the entire company.

        "I sold my car to Joe down the street... it just needs sign-off from the bank (FCC and shareholders), then Sam came along and offered to buy the engine... I should sure use that money now. Can I sell the engine?" Selling spectrum, of course, is not as easy as stripping out a car.