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  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Apr 16, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Mr Stanton and Mr McCaw...

    Reading the wireless news cycles of late, it's obvious to everyone in this sector that Clwr does have value and a most important role on how the consolation programs are starting to take shape. Soft bank, Sprint , Dish and now Verizon have tipped there hands regarding what Clwr brings to this table. I trust that both of you have huddled and are positioning Clwr in order to exploit its value in Spectrum and of course , bring out Clwrs real value to your loyal shareholder base.

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    • Stanton just called me and said: "Look, Whigglee... we're just trying to get our cashable stock options and get retired. If you want somebody who gives a fiduciary rip about you guys, call crest!"...

      ... before I could tell him I wasn't Whigglee, he hung up on me.

      Then, Craig McCaw called. He said "Whigglee, I'm over at crest right now helping out with the proxy. Nobody screwed ME last December... I've been chatting these guys up all along... $2.97 is TOAST!"...

      ... before I could tell him I wasn't Whigglee, he transferred me over to Warren Buffett's secretary who said she's taxed way higher than Mitt Romney after Warren "deducts" her salary like Romney's dividend payors could never do... and wanted to know if she could bum a cigarette off of me.

      I told her I wasn't Whigglee, and she called me a creep and slammed the phone down.