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  • victory_val_2007 victory_val_2007 Apr 23, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    they're starting already.....

    Forbes Earnings Preview: Clearwire
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    Expectations have dropped for Clearwire’s (CLWR) first quarter results in the month leading up to the company’s earnings announcement slated for Thursday, April 25, 2013. The consensus analyst estimate has dropped from a loss of 22 cents a share to the current estimate of a loss of 24 cents a share.
    just like i thought and clwr execs will make it even worse at the cc........

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    • Just as Clearwire brass was pumping up expectations when they were trying to get people to buy the stock...

      ... now, I expect them to trash expectations now that they're trying to get sprint's ridiculous $2.97 buyout finished so they can collect their cashable stock option payoffs and head to the bank at the expense of the minority shareholders whose interests there were put there to protect.

      I would say that the upcoming vote would be a battle... but it won't be, because opposition to Dan Hesse and sprint is very widespread and strong. Dish will do a MUCH better job of striking a clearwire buyout price that will garner the votes of large minority shareholders... a price that will also be good value for Dish.


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      • dish and Clwr will do better....Ergen and Stanton have already set the wheel's in motion...the seed has been planted...they are masters at there craft...
        October 2012

        On Oct.11, several media outlets reported that SoftBank was negotiating to buy a stake in Sprint.

        “This was the first time that the Company learned of this potential transaction,” the filing states.

        Softbank would announce a few days later that it planned to buy a 70 percent stake in Sprint for $20 billion.

        “Later on October 11, (Clearwire interim CEO John Stanton) called Charlie Ergen, the Chairman of the board of directors of Dish, and asked Mr. Ergen to consider with a sense of urgency a potential transaction…. Mr. Ergen highlighted the importance to Dish of first obtaining FCC approval of Dish’s pending application for its satellite spectrum, but indicated to Mr. Stanton that he expected approval soon,” the filing states.

        The approval didn’t come until Dec. 11.

        November 2012

        Throughout the month, Dish continues to insist to Clearwire that it needed approval from the FCC before proceeding with the transaction. On Nov. 21, Clearwire receives preliminary buyout offer from Sprint.

        “Mr. Stanton then called Mr. Ergen to encourage him to accelerate the Dish negotiations with the company. Mr. Ergen indicated that he would be open to supplying financing to the company in the interim as part of any transaction between the Company and Dish and again indicated that DISH expected approval soon by the FCC of Dish’s pending application,” the filing states.

        December 2012

        A day after the Sprint-Clearwire talks were leaked to the media, the FCC approved Dish’s spectrum application, allowing it to use the satellite airwaves for a land-based network. On Dec. 17, Stanton calls Ergen to tell him that the company has agreed to the Sprint deal.

        On Dec. 28, Ergen calls Stanton to tell him that Dish plans to submit a revised proposal, which Clearwire receive day a later. On Jan. 8, Clearwire issues a press release announcing the Dish offer.

        On Friday, Clearwire said it did not draw on financing from Sprint in order to continue reviewing Dish’s offer.

        “As previously disclosed on January 8, 2013, Clearwire did not take the initial draw under the Sprint Financing Agreements as Dish indicated that its preliminary proposal would be withdrawn were Clearwire to draw on the financing,” Clearwire said. “In order to allow the Special Committee to continue to evaluate the DISH Proposal, at the direction of the Special Committee, Clearwire has not taken the February $80 million draw. The Special Committee has not made any determination with respect to any future draws under the Sprint Financing Arrangements.”