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  • relevance2code relevance2code May 4, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    Mt Kellett has something to offer Sprint. They can deliver a passing vote.

    Add Mt Kellet's 18% to Comcast and Intel's 26% and you have 44% of the minority vote. Even if Crest opposes, at least 10% of the others will vote in favor of any offer above market.

    Sprint and Softbank want closure now because,

    1) The FCC could issue a ruling that would cause the share price to rise.
    2) If the merger agreement is terminated, it will make it easier for Clearwire to seek alternative financing and sell spectrum in the short term, before Sprint can convert shares, nominate and elect 7 of 13 board members.
    3) A vote in favor will make it harder for Charlie and others
    4) In July they want to show off the amazing speed and capacity of Network Vision powered by Clearwire's TD-LTE (without lingering ownership issues)
    5) It would greatly reduce the number of likely lawsuits and their strength, if shareholders vote in favor.
    6) It will make Sprint more valuable if they own Clearwire, and any appreciation in the spectrum will be all theirs.
    7) They can refi the debt at much better rates.
    8) Clearwire might default on a loan payment, although that seems pretty unlikely.

    I probably missed a few, but there are some pretty good reasons why Sprint would want to raise their offer, and Son would approve it, on the basis it would guarantee a passing vote, and not just a share price increase.

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    • Omg man really, lol....Sprint doesn't need a passing vote, i guess you haven't read the FACTS i posted previously.

      First let me laugh at your just plain stupid possible assumptions...

      FCC ruling causes share price to complete fabrication speculations
      Merger agreeement terminated....ok...buddy keep dreaming
      July show off amazing speed...dumb again as Sprint controls LTE conversion and there will be no demonstration until CLWR is absorbed upon Equity Holder Agreement expiration
      Make sprint more valuable if CLWR remains separate entity,'ve been listening to Spok too long....Sprint and SB will absorb CLWR and have complete control over their spectrum, any other thinking is solely based on your CLWR stock ownership.

      This is what WILL happen, and the reason for the poison pill that is the convertible debt that Sprint has offered and CLWR has taken 3 months in a you think Sprint came up with the convertible debt for the heck of it

      Your vote means little, Sprint will increase it's ownership as a result of the other Equity Holders that have already agreed to sell at $2.97.....and then later the hammer will fall on all other minority holders and there will be no recourse!!!....see below for the facts......

      You're missing the most important point of what will play out relative to the Equity Holder's EXPIRES this fall, and then Sprint is no longer prohibiited from buying shares in the open market. They will do so and Clearwire will be absorbed!

      THAT is the reason why Mr. Son is not worried if outstanding minority owers don't approve now! CLWR will continue to take the 80million monthly convertible (the poison which WILL be converted, leaving little that will be required to purchase in the open market, all the while providing CLWR the funding necessary to continue LTE conversion per Sprints desire.

      Honestly, I'm surprised you long time posters seem completely unaware of the Expiration, and that being the primary reason for a convertible's the the all too obvious fall back plan!!!

      Guys, honestly you're making this much harder than it is...Sprint will spend the rest of the year accelerating Network Vision, and will utilize CLWR spectrum in 2014 to coincide with device availability that they will get as
      the new 3rd largtest global carrier.

      • 4 Replies to bobbig986
      • Look Bo Bo you are talking Fall before Sprint can buy on open market you do not think others are watching this vote and should the fund managers and common share holders vote Sprint down they will not jump in and grab every share they can once they see they have support ? not only Clear wire shares but also Sprints and by the way that has not passed a vote yet too or the Gov. Blessings.

        you really need to look at this with a open mind and even if other large players do not step to the head of the line right now they may right after this vote. People must remember foe a company debt can be worked off in many ways same as buying a car and even cars offer a 72 month payments and boats as long as a House. so I have to laugh when others on this board throws up the Debt Dish will have if they take down both mergers people act as if there will be no income at all or other investors willing to invest with Dish. it is Sprint and Clear wire that has the trouble finding funds and paying Debt.

      • I did not know TR had a twin brother. Same old stuff different name.

      • Bobbi, First of all you make some valid points about the expiration of the agreement and Sprint having the shares they need. But the posters here who are making points about FCC rulings causing the pps to rise are not "stupid", their opinions are just as valid as yours, and their "FACTS" are to be respected equally to yours....

        So with that on the table, I have been very aware of the possible "death grip" of Sprint by virtue of CLWR accepting the monthly financing which will lead to more shares in Sprint's hands upon conversion. But others here are rightly pointing out that if the merger vote is NO, Clearwire will have the option, come October with the expiration of the merger agreement, to sell spectrum or come up with other financing. Personally, I believe as others do that Sprint/Softbank will want to put this deal
        to bed and not risk the "chance" that a VZ, DISH or yet-to-be-heard-from T or T-Mobile, AAPL, GOOG, or other will come along with a higher bid for the whole company or bid for a slice of spectrum as VZ has done. And the form of "putting it to bed" will be a higher price offered by Mr. Miyagi to placate the minority holders, so they can close the deal and move on to their grandiose plans of making S/SB into a USA "superstar".

        So respect the opinions of other posters here whose views diverge from what you see happening... none of them are "stupid", their opinions just differ from yours.


      • I like to hear counter arguments because they help me think through the possibilities, but unfortunately your response is mostly just dramatic prose to say it nicely. I did not say Sprint needs a passing vote, because I agree they have an alternative plan. But I did give reasons why they would want a passing vote to get closure now instead of waiting till after November 28th. And it's possible if that's the way this goes they won't even bother to buyout the minority shareholders.

        You are actually missing the most important aspect of the Standstill Agreement expiration. In December they will no longer need a majority vote of the minority shareholders to pass a buyout. They will only need 75% of the total vote. By then they will have 67% to 73% of the shares. So they probably wouldn't even need to buy additional shares on the open market to get a passing vote in December.

        If the FCC rules that for merger approval, Clearwire has to divest 25% of their spectrum, I think that will definitely cause the share price to go up. Do you have reasons why it wouldn’t?

        If the merger vote fails, Clearwire has the right to terminate the merger agreement at any time. It will be terminated automatically if the merger has not occurred by October 15. If they terminate it immediately they will be able to seek alternative financing including the sale of Spectrum. Sprint will not be able to legally stop them until they elect and nominate 7 of 13 board members.

        You basically admit Sprint would like to show off the speed of TD-LTE, but won’t if the vote is not passed. So isn’t that a reason why they would want the vote to pass? And you don’t really respond or disagree with any of my other reasons other than your often repeated rant.


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