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  • teampt teampt May 6, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    If Charle succeeds?(New questions)

    1)If Charlie succeeds will he drag this out with minority shareholders or will he give them a fair price to get the deal done, save time and move forward with his new business?
    2)Will Charlie keep CLWR independent?
    3)Will TR answer these questions or is he sticking to his SB/Sprint combo?
    4)Will a new bidder trump Dish?

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    • You are delusional.

      1) Charlie succeed at what, buying CLWR? No, that offer was never of a scope to overcome S's ownership and contractual control/Clearwire's obligations. This questions has been 'asked and answered' many times but you still refuse to get it.
      2) Not applicable.
      3) I've answered these and other questions over the past weeks, months, years.. but some fellow idiots are on drugs or have created a religious experience around the job of investing.
      4) Extremely unlikely because its too late and the scale needed to mount a competitive effort severely constricts the suitors... which is a major reason why the FCC has issued recent rulemaking to streamline foreign capital and ownership in US operators. The problem is that consolidation among the top four operators must exclude the top two because they already hold border line monopoly marketshare. Merger between T-Mobile/PCS and Sprint-CW is probably possible from a regulatory standpoint but would be unlikely for time-frame and other business reasons. DISH is just too far of a stretch and is underfunded and organizationally and over-stretched in technology... its taking Sprint which is already over-stretched (without Softbank) and spreading their resources even thinner while competition will be leaping ahead with LTE-A in wider AWS multiple carrier networks and device innovations.

      "Hold-up' take it or leave it.

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      • It's amazing how someone with your intelligence fails to listen, or in this case understand what someone else has posted before jumping into the answer you want to cast.

        The obvious question being asked is what if Charlie succeeds in buying Sprint? Will he treat Clearwire any differently? What if someone else makes an even stronger offer for Sprint? Not AT&T or Verizon, but someone like Google, Apple or Carlos Slim?

    • well. it's the 6th. the potato guy predicted a new entrant this week.

    • Ask Charlie . it is his Ball Game