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  • fineinvestor fineinvestor May 10, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Daily Report for Executives at the FCC Site

    I encourage all to read the letter submitted at the FCC by Martyn Roetter and Alan Pearce...No one needs to interpret it for you, although they may think they do. Here are the main points:

    1. Approval of the acquisition of a 70% stake in Sprint by SoftBank of Japan, subject to the condition that Sprint relinquish control of its majority-owned subsidiary, Clearwire, which would require as a first step that Sprint abandon its current bid to acquire all the shares of Clearwire (just under 50%) that it does not currently own. 2. Clearwire would then either be free as an independent entity to operate as an open wholesale provider of LTE mobile broadband access services, or would be required to divest the majority of its 2.5 GHz assets, leaving some 2.5 GHz frequencies in the hands of Sprint/SoftBank. In either scenario, all of the 2.5 GHz Band currently dominated by a Sprintcontrolled Clearwire would become accessible to U.S. customers and other services providers. Much of this valuable, and in some respects unique, spectrum asset could then at last be exploited productively instead of languishing virtually unused in the hands of Sprint. 3. Sprint could either be directly compensated for relinquishing control of the majority of 2.5 GHz Band or benefit from the prices paid by winning bidders for the licenses it had to divest. Sprint would emerge with a new lease on life, with SoftBank to become a viable competitor in the U.S. mobile market and overcome the cumulative harm suffered from the series of its own errors over the past eight years.

    Read it quick, otherwise someone will say its old news and you shouldn't consider it!