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  • linctonveity linctonveity May 12, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    The last straw

    Unfortunately for Hesse he's played the last hand in his comeback tour. It's over. The vote will be against the merger and Lincton predicts ATT will emerge to win. ATT won't interfere for obvious reasons. But for national security reasons they will be allowed to purchase CLWR. You can only hope Sprint is squeezed off the network. RIghteous! And you can only hope they team up with T-Mobile .... back at ya Dan. Sprint doesn't deserve to win at any level.

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    • AT&T wont buy clwr!. they already own NextWave. they have there own 4g network plans.

    • If the vote fails, doesn't Sprint control upward of 67% of Clwr? How could AT&T be a buyer of Clwr as your suggesting under those conditions?

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      • Two plays i see here.
        (1 ) Dish will take out Sprint and go as far as selling themselves as they stated if the deal fails but I think the take over will go through as Dish could have a number of Backers that they said they would be even willing to partner with.
        (2) Soft bank only brings cash with no TV or Sat. that the Dish Offers and as for all the inside tech. Soft claims to have can be bought anywhere or hire the tech people to do it. Son needs to wake up he may be tops in japan but this is a different Nation with more options then what he is use to dealing and more then likely Dish already has interested parties or investors.
        Dish has a firm footing in the American market something Son wants also but looks like the common shareholders may make that a bit harder for him and each day the Yen drops the more the 20bil cost him.

      • If ATT offers $6 billion for 100% of CLWR it might really be a stick in the eye. The management of Sprint would be hard pressed to suggest the offer wasn't "generous"... in the end no one knows what will take place after the failed takeover attempt. It's time to give Sprint and CLWR boards a real lasting beat down.