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  • indano indano May 16, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    NO VOTE: Merger Fails, DISH goes hostile!

    DISH needs a super data pipe - fk voice, they need the TD-LTE superhighway and a place to hang their 40 MHz of spectrum. CLWR fills the bill!
    Apple and Google need a wholesale pipe same as DISH.
    I predict Merger Fails and DISH goes hostile with Apple and Google backing!!!
    S is forced to sell as true value of CLWR is revealed. S without CLWR = BK!!
    Hesse f'd up bigtime.
    $8+ is too little!!

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    • You know, that all makes sense as one of probably 5-dozen scenarios of what all this could lead to...

      ... EXCEPT the part about sprint selling it's clearwire stake.

      Clearwire's resources are valuable to everybody... which is why "everybody" is fighting to get a piece of this...... most of all, Sprint.

      Thank's for keeping us aware of some of the more unusual, and unlikely, outcomes of all of this, indano. They may be unusual, but you do manage to salt a fair number of truisms into them, and they get folks thinking.