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  • master_finance2003 master_finance2003 May 17, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    if no vote, this will happen

    sprint will not increase offer. In the mean time, stock will drop below 2.97. clearwire continues receives funding from sprint that will convert to 1.5 dollar per share. By taking another 50 to 100 millions, clearwire will give sprint more than 75 % of the company or more than 50% of the public trading stocks. So by November, sprint will approach clearwire again with control of more than 50% of the public trading stocks and offer to take over the entire company for 1.5 dollars per share. by that time, it does not matter you vote no or yes, because they already have the majority of the votes. The 1.47 dollar difference is the opportunity cost of waiting until november to take over the company.

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    • If u are long and desire the 2.97 bid u still have time to sell and get out with a premium. If u are short, then I understand why u are posting all this negative information which may be a reality in the short term. If u are not short or long, then u are a sprint or clwr interest holder with possible merger benefits at stake. Frankly I don't give two hoots about ur speculation, it's about doing the right thing for all. Everyone should be a winner here not just a few pigs who want to hoard it all.

    • This is a very important issue I have been leaving out of my analysis, only because I forgot about it. Thank you for bringing up as a major point, for longs to consider.

    • I was wondering when the communication people who work for sprint's lap dogs over at clearwire were going to come to this board and start spewing garbage propaganda in an attempt to "scare" up some yes votes.

      Sure enough, he comes bearing a false title to boot.

      Take your scare stories elsewhere, M.F. 90% of the people on this board know better.


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      • You my friend are spewing garbage propaganda!!!

        The writer above makes a very important and TRUE point for current stockholders. The equityholders agreement does in FACT expire later this year. CLWR has in FACT taken, for 3 months in a row now, 80 million in convertible debt. The sole purpose of that debt instrument being convertible is so Sprint can increase its ownership percent in case this vote is not successful. FACT, after the expiration of the equityholders agreeement Sprint will no longer be prohibited from purchasing shares in the open market. And, if needed, Sprint could do just that and have control and there will be no proxy over.

        Could something else happen in between now and then , absolutely. Maybe Sprint will sweeten an offer to enough owners to get the vote, if this one fails.

        But make NO mistake, the convertible would cause serious dilution to current holders and is a real possibility!

        Full disclosure..i own no, CLWR, Sprint, Dish or Softbank. Waiting to see how this plays out to make an investment for the long term. Too many secenerios to invest larger amounts now,especially in CLWR for the reasons described above.

        So, Spok, if you own a Very large amount of CLWR, because you were forced to cost average to under $2 per share, as you have said preciously, why didn't you unload all or some at a very good profit when it was trading for $3.40??? To take some risk off the table. My opinion is you're full of it and you cost average is much higher!!!

        Beware of spok he paints a much more rosy picture of the real likely outcome of minority holders and litigation!!! I'm no Sprint shill spok....just letting people know the very real risks here!!!

        Very curios to see your responses to the FACTS!!!

    • No, because others will not sit back idle, more offers will come.

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      • It isn't just dish, sprint and Verizon that are trying to get a piece of the tremendous value on display here. The hedge funds and private equity that is piling into this "event" is monumental... like dozens of Carl Icahns that smell a rat... and a value... the likes of which Icahn hasn't even seen himself.

        The the law firm that Crest was able to contract with was evidence of just how good the case is against sprint... one of the best and most effective law firms out there that deal with corporate malfeasance and other issues present in this case.

        In 40 years, I've never seen this kind of involvement stampeding into a situation where the company being bellied up to was a company with more than 50% of the shares. Even U.S. Senators are weighing in.


    • 1. No matter how S acquires the stock, it is part of S holdings and not part of the minority owned stock.
      2. If a "yes" vote occurs it is an absolute the stock tanks to $2.97 or less.
      3. I'm sure virtually everyone that are going to vote,have already voted their shares. Therefore they have made
      their bets and are waiting for the dice to stop rolling.

    • There are other options that are more beneficial to all the stock holders. With the world watching this plan would end up in the courts which would have a long chain reaction interfering with bigger plans.

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      • Crest attracted the representation of the most prestigious law firm that exists for these kinds of matters... for one, basic reason: There has probably never been a more blatant example of non-fiduciary behaviour or corporate malfeasance that the one demonstrated by Sprint in this matter.

        Those guys don't take on losing propositions and this one is rock solid. Even the judge that issued comments on it months ago aluded to that.

        There are very large hurdles standing between Sprint/Softbank, and the vision of the future being portrayed by M.F. above. He's obviously new to the fine print of this case.