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  • jsklein1000 jsklein1000 May 17, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    I received another call from McKenzie Partners. It was funny

    So, I get another call from Mckenzie partners because I hold shares in different accounts with separate beneficial ownership.

    On this call, however, I was a bit more diplomatic and wanted to send a bit more open minded. The gentleman did not really have too much to say except to make a case for Sprint, in as far as to what is already public. Obviously, this guy is a paid telemarketer.

    The best part of the call was this, though. I asked the guy, "How is the vote going?'. I did not think he would answer, but, then again he probably does not really give a #$%$. His answer was:

    "I have not had a single shareholder say they were in favor of the transaction".

    I am sure others will get call's this weekend, if you doubt my claim, ask for yourself.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Thanks for asking MacKenzie, and sharing that not one person has been in favor. It seems obvious the vote will fail, but it's hard not to be biased. I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing more polling than soliciting at this point.

    • Still, people should still not take it for granted.

      It isn't just about winning the vote by voting down Sprint's ridiculous offer. It's also about winning so overwhelmingly that it causes Dan Hesse and Masayoshi Son to question whether or not they havn't done a substantial amount of damage by trying to screw people like this.

      Crest's pending lawsuits and a SOUND defeat of Sprint's buyout need to send a message to those crooks that we aren't just a bunch of Gomers out here. Everyone I've talked to has 3 years worth of absolute HATRED built up inside of them for what Hesse has done to this company and every one of them knows the value of this company and how valuable it is to Son and Hesse.

      Sending some goon by the name of "master-finance" out here to try to scare people isn't going to make a danm bit of difference, and they should know that by now.


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      • Hesse has been outplayed, out-maneuvered and owned by his opposition on every critical move he's ever made at Sprint. He has only a single metric he can point to as a success and that is... drum roll please.... 'customer service'. A good manager or random VP job.

        Imagine being the CEO of a huge telecom company, (S) and a sister company, (CLWR), knowing your stewardship drove the stock prices down to bk levels, of both. Then actually get outsmarted at an investor's conference, by a woman in the audience asking a simple legitimate question about Sprint's treatment of CLWR, and Hesse replies to her question by stating he really didn't care if CLWR went bankrupt because the lights would stay on anyway... all while thinking S would get CLWR's spectrum in a bk, only to find out that CLWR spectrum would not neatly pass to S.

        Son, has only temporarily saved Hesse from near complete failure as a CEO. Given Dan's past, I expect him to get outplayed, used, and dominated by his competition. He once again thinks he has bride at the alter, but I think the bride will be stolen, just like the AT&T deal...

      • well said spok as always...also, i suggest taking out the word finance in that alias and replace it with bator....