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  • accugrowth accugrowth May 30, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    Will CLWR Pay Interest Due June 1?

    1. Will CLWR follow through with their threat from a month ago and not pay the interest due on their bonds come June 1? Why did they make such a shameless threat to begin with? What are the consequences?

    2. Will CLWR accept a June payment from S that allows that debt to be converted to shares? What are the consequences one way or the other?

    3. Will delays in finalizing a vote delay the release of 2000 CLWR TD-LTE sites? All dressed for a party, but no date????

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    • 1. If they follow thru on their threat, the judge may hold them in contempt for wasting tax payers money on a fraudulent BK. With all the offers on the table for takeout and spectrum they don't need BK. They need new management. If they don't pay, they may call the loan. Sprint may be on the hook too.
      2. Maybe, they have on till now. Apparently there is control over them by sprint and that will be taken care in a law suit later on for compromising shareholder value.
      3. Sprint has deals with them to complete certain sites. They will get it done so they can get paid.