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  • foothillroad foothillroad May 31, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    Dish bid is not in the best interest of CLWR

    S has to do by their written agreement with CLWR, is, if the present negotiations about a buyout fail, is wait until Nov/Dec of this year when the expiration of certain covenants between S/CLWR expire. Then S can assume control over CLWR outright. (I can't cite you chapter-and-verse right now, but this is available for review in SEC filings. And "teamrep" even mentioned it in a reply to me today on the CLWR board.

    So, bottom line. S/SB will come out victorious over recalcitrant minority hedge funds that own CLWR and Charlie Ergen. But it may take a little longer than Hesse/Son had in mind.

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