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  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 6, 2013 1:45 PM Flag


    Assuming no more postponements, next week two major issues pertaining to all of us well be settled and so far this board is getting lost. Besides the redundancies, repetitiveness and shallowness of Smethport and the pontifications, verbersity, condenscension and self agrandizement of teamrep, i glean no useful advice or prediction coming out of this board. Rather than getting lost for the forest and the trees, in my opinion it would be helpful to see wether we might go next week.

    1. Does anyone see any real change in the way the minority shareholders are leaning, from Mt.Kellett et. all, to Crest and to the retail shareholder posting here. I discern no change. Assumming none, am I right to conclude that the minority shareholders will once again lead to a nay vote which will deprive Sprint of its desire for total ownership at least in the short term.

    2. How much does Sprint want its total ownership. Put another way, will Sprint/SB accept the circa 67 percent ownership that a nay vote will provide or will it want total ownership sufficient to once again raise its bid. Remember SB said it was happy with 67 percent before but in the final analysis sweetened its bid.

    3. Will Dish be willing to at least start its tender offer. I will put my legal analysis against most any day, but I do not pretend to know all the ramifications of the cumbersome ownership structure that is Clearwire. However, it is my understanding that the other B ownerships, Intel and Comcast were awarded BOD members for their shares and so it seems reasonable that Dish be awarded the same.

    4. Most important, will SB buy sprint. One proxy holder says vote no or abstain. If SB does not buy sprint, which I hope, will that moot everything re CLWR as sprint has said their clwr offer is contingent upon SB. .If Dish then buys sprint, that might moot the clwr deal and should we sell before that happens, take the 4.30ish and run.

    5. Will there be a higher offer than 4.40 or sell now

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    • WGood questions and then you offer nothing.. no conjecture. blame others, the board for what is does put forward while all you have are the very obvious, previously stated for your enlightenment, questions. Come on, admit how lame you are for not stepping up with your own thining/analysis... 50% there based on regurgitated points.. is a big zero.

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      • I have not blamed the board per se, my specifically i've blamed you for your ignornace, often erroneous or off point pontifications and verbosity and Seth for his repetitiveness and nonhelpfulness. If you read with understanding, you will know that the primary reason for my post here was to ask questions and listen. I realize that is a concept that you never understand as you have a need to show your pomposity and condescension in all your posts and with hindsight and analysis it is clear that you are generally wrong. You also frequently reflect your anti clwr bias with respect to its spectrum and corporate worth.

        I have in the past given my own analysis and thoughts in other posts. That was not the purpose herein. But if your interessted, here goes without pomposity and self aggrandizement.
        Point one, it looks like the status quo remains and the minority shareholders will vote down the sprint buyout once again. I implied that in my post. Since, despite their claims to the contrary, they refused to accept partial ownership, I think it is more likely than not that sprint/sb will raise the offer because they have decided that they want the entire company just like they did after the 2.97 bid. Third point, i am unsure how well clwr will do as a stand alone, a question i've admitted several times before and a decision on this isssue will probably lead me to decide between holding for the merger completion or selling on the open market. I admit that i'm less sure of the future path with the pps below the bid price than I was when the pps was substantially above the bid price. I'm leaning toward holding for a higher offer but am keeping my ear and gut to the ground. Lastly, i admit to ignorance on how the sb/sprint deal is coming out especially with a couple of shareholders and one proxy firm against. If a higher sb bid is coming,it may pay to buy a couple thousand shares on spec. Hope the above has been helpful and informative, offered directly, succintly and concisely.

    • Unless dish has deep pockets to keep placing more cash offers, son has the advantage because of potential stock options he could offer to buy off Sprint and clwr holders. It will depend if he can sweeten the offer with a cash offer and stock options in the new company. Some shareholders will want all cash there thereby giving u the extreme differences in sentiment.

    • Appreciate your tone here.
      1. "No" votes prevalent here and with other technology proxies. Rising Equity tide likely pushing that behavior.
      2. Completely believe they need it to compete with VZ and T. SB has done well but has limited TAM in Japan competing with KDDI and NTT.
      3. The Clearwire Corp/Wireless brain trust was successful in confusing just about everyone on ownership structure. Billionaires tend to have very smart people working for them on these issues. I bet they can get it done.
      4. Japanese think differently. They look at time in longer phases. This could be a 100 year investment, not a just a TDD-LTE rollout in 2015. I say they dig in and fight another round.
      5. I say this gets to $5+. What happens if CLWR stumbles into a legitimate large scale wholesale deal and keeps waving the company flag? Who has influence over Sprint? Google and Apple. They could dictate new Sprint behavior.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Understand your points but you don't postulate on whether sb can get sprint at its current price or will sweeten their bid. Right now, the vote does not appear assured.I wonder if SB will sweeten and if they do perhaps one should but a couple thousand sprint shares. Been think of that. Also if sb does not get dish, the clwre deal will be mooted wish hopefully will open the door for dish. Will sb raise the bid again, right not mr. market does not seem to be to sure with the pps below the bid price. It is intereting and we might know more going into monday on both issues.

    • banktoon1111 Jun 6, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

      1. No I do not see the big 5 changing their no vote. There is clearly a higher offer on the table 3.40 is dead. I don't see them selling to dish either. They still have a lot of leverage and time. I would say they push for a higher price from sprint.

      2. Sprint wants it all. No matter what SoftBank says sprint wants to control it all. There is just to many problems with only owning 67%.

      3. I would assume dish did its DD and they would not make an offer that would be illegal. There is always room
      To negotiate as well.

      4. The Japanese cellphone market is flat and there is no room for growth. That has not changed and I do believe SoftBank wants sprint. It is only the way they can grow. I believe the sprint clwr offer is contingent on any buy out. Sprint said they would still buy clwr if they were bought by dish.

      5. In my opinion SoftBank will raise their bid for sprint which will then lead sprint to raise its bid for clearwire. I read that some analyst expect 5-6 dollar knock out bid from SoftBank for clwr.

      No one can tell you when to buy or sell. However no one ever lost any money taking a profit. I personal hold a large amount of call options and I'm here till this thing plays out!

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Finally, a cogent succint overview of where we stand. I may not agree with it all but it sure is refreshing from the pontifications and verbersity with no real expertise or understanding offered by others. And of course you can't tell me or anyone when to sell or buy, but you can offer an opinion, but i disagree with you that taking a profit is the be all and endall. If that was true the guys who bought clwr at one dollar shoud have sold at 2.97. However given the fundamentals and analysis at that time anyone who sold at 2.97 would have been stupid given the way things were going. Myself, i will analyze whether I think a better deal will be coming, which I think likelky, and will hold till just before the meeting then try to guess whether there will be a higher deal or not. I am also considering whether to buy a thousand or so sprint shares on the spec that sb might raise their offer since it looks like that deal is in trouble and I agree with you that sb really wants both sprint and clwr. Just not sure how much of a poker player sun is andhow much he is willing to keepo raising for his total ownership of clwr and initial ownership of sprint. However, I personally can make a better case for dish buying as I think the future holds a better deal for data and video streaming (dish and blockbuster) than cell voice. Both good but I think a better premium can be garnered from dish...However, I do wish the pps was hoverig at 3.40 or above lke it did above 2.97 as that gives me a lot more security that the trend is for a higher bid. Mr. market right now is being a little weak and we need to rally the minority shareholders and dish again to get the heat back up.