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  • teampt teampt Jun 13, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    TR I miss your posts

    TR how about this price action, is it not great! How much higher do you think the share price could go?

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    • This has been real unusual set of events.. Its what makes sense to have move forward but, as such, is highly unusual. I have to get busy with other things... so as much fun as it is posting (with careless typos) there are other things .. more details will come out in coming days. ISS switching over is significant plus... may lead to more buying tomorrow.

      One question is how can DISH tet to 25% with a market so closely following events? Just the fact they are now accepted tends to alter the trajectory a bit. If they could get to 25% some other way, such as through dilution/secondary offering plus float. The financial and M&A analysts are likely also burning the midnight oil to figure out how this can meet in the middle.

    • What price action? 2c as of this post is that the action?

      The price is now within the target I made ~six months ago. As CLWR moved up above the $3.40 offer, I had a hold-buy and comments about how to proceed on seeking the appraisal rights. More recently, prior to CW's acceptance of the DISH bid, I posted here and elsewhere that this looked like an attempt by DISH to gain a place at the broader table and that Sprint-SB would likely not counter the bid. Thus far, DISH's offer has been accepted as a tender offer to acquire a minority position. What that means is DISH will sit at the table and get to participate so long as they get the 25%. If that occurs, even without Sprint-SB in agreement, what I said was the goals and possible outcome would have come to pass. Do you deny that? If so, post historical information and lets have at it.

      What do I think now? Each new piece of information and event adds to what we know. Unless cuaght in a time-warp, thinking is a process that evolves, not stuck in the mud stagnant. At this point I still think Sprint-SB will not immediately increase their bid but the odds have decisively shifted. A reason for them not increasing their bid is in line with what I've said were reasons why Sprint-Softbank should consider DISH's deal to be 'more items in the plus column than the minus column'. It is what I thought made sense a 2+ years ago... IF the parties could bury their hatchets.

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      • I distinctly remember you saying unequivocolly that the deal was DONE at $2.97, and chided thos of us that kept saying there was going to be more! You can't have it both ways! Why don't you go bedevil others that are interested in what a pontificate has to say?

      • I accept your challenge. Here that board. I will be happy to go back and point out all of team reps erroneous posts, ponifications and condescensions and let him point out all of his correct posts and allow hhim to point out all of my erroneous posts. Lets have at it team rep, your challenge is accepted. Now lets see whato come up with. Just an appetizer, two years ago you were saying clwer spectrum was worthless, lightsquared was the greatest and clwr should go bankrupt. ust a sample. And the insight above is drivel which does not provide much useful info. You said earlier there would be no more bids now you say there probably well. By takingboth positions, you can claim being right once. Abroken clock is right twice a day. But you obviously are right on one score, the who realson dish is biddding on clwr is to get inside the dooor. Why else buy any shares. I also think Ergen can utilize his inside minority interest to get some perks or claim that his minority rights are being violated, whicih goes with fiduciary rules andDelaware law,concepts you might not be familiar with. It is an interesting scenerio and given the price action which is ten cents not two cents, Mr. Market seems to be saying there will be further action. Otherwise a lot of peoplle are buying stock to loose money. We shall see but am looking forward to perfecting the gauntlet you threew down for all the board to see.

      • Thanks TR.

    • His posts are all over the board as our mine