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  • ed_amamay ed_amamay Jun 19, 2013 9:08 PM Flag

    Relax, my will be happier prior to Monday night

    I bet my full plate of veggies on it! Lot's of good banter, lately...I like to see the energy.

    To simplify the matter for a "few" or even one...Sprint will not have DISH as a partner. They either pony up some bigger bucks..$5.50 or higher, or, SB/S are in for a long delayed battle to emerge as a powerful number three carrier. Some on this board live in hindsight...Ergen is using foresight....big difference....what I hear is to ask for a raise o my credit limit because I am going to have a lot more cash as a "long."

    Oops, my steamed mixed veggies are ready..gotta go...see you in few days with a lot more money in our pocket!

    Teamrep, my buddy and pal...have you lost your mind over this penny stock? lol

    eyv :)

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    • One of the few that have consistently got it right to date while others have consistently got it wrong and continue their argument ... all the way up from $3.40 where they said this was a done deal LOL

    • Yeah Ed old teamrep has went a little Bat Sheet over this. He called a poster a fool for just asking ??? yesterday. Thanx for the info I was going to close out on this Friday butI i think I'll stick around till Tuesday.
      Thanx Ed

    • Clwr is the prize.
      Let Sftb acquire S, they'll be happy to let S go at max the price they paid, when they don't get a hold on CLWR.
      Or let the Sftb/S deal fail, even by not bidding on S but only on Clwr.

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      • Unless the courts decide all minority investors are fools as the complaint professes AND decide they should be protected from themselves, the decisions become straight forward. Does SoftBank want Sprint without Clearwire and are they willing to have Charlie Ergen as a very cozy partner going forward?

        Is any plan B you can imagine for DISH to enter the wireless content everywhere race, a good alternative to a sizable increase in his current offer to get the minimum stated 12% with minority protection rights or 25% without it?

    • Hi Ed, thanks for passing by!

      You mentioned a while back that you expected another guest at the table, to the right of the DISHes. Do you still expect this guest to pop up?

      Honestly, I think you were expecting Google to come into the picture, but the way I read current events, it seems Google is silently backing Dish, and will sign an agreement with Dish once Dish scoops up CLWR.

      It's interesting, a few days back someone posted that Google top executives were following the CLWR process closely and see it as crucial for the direction of US wireless future/landscape.

      What is your take on Google as potential guest or silent (& deep pocketed) partner to Dish ?

    • Love it ed!

    • Ed, thanks for popping up, I have had this thing for years and averaged the whole way, and have found it funny to watch the board, it has been a great drama, wi-max, lightsquared and rumors of bk and such, what ever happened to MegaHurts? you been on the mark so far, even though avocados are a fruit, I will treat them like a Veggie and mix up some guacamole and drink some coronas when we are on the other side of this thing-- EYV!!

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    • It shot and closed at 4.70 today. But its back down to 4.61 in after hours trading