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  • teamrep teamrep Jun 25, 2013 5:15 PM Flag

    When someone becomes abusively adolescent in their behavior like you know who, do not read, respond.. just ignore

    Do not do anything... no response, no further posts...
    Yahoo! is typically brain-dead of a web company, however, who knows, maybe some 19yo drug imbibing idiot in charge of monitoring every 1,000 complaint will eventually respond by banning the abuser: Click 'report abuse' and 'ignore'... who knows, if enough do that Yahoo! may decide people do matter more or as much as their dropping ad revenues.

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    • you have been "abusively adolescent" on multiple occasions

    • You are absolutely right and are obviously referring to yourself. We should totally ignore your erroneous or redundant posts and hope that yahoo will say good buy to your error prone posts. I see that in another post you totally admitted that I was right when I called you on your outrageous post that all minority shareholders had to sell into the Sprint offer. Obiously you were wrong, but you posted it anyway, and now off course simply switch your position without admitted this amongst your many errors. Somebody as adolescent and invariably wrong as you, who must post with a pontificating and self aggrandizement tone, whould be eliminated from this board as you, yourself, admit in this post.

    • A couple of days ago, in a response to an Indano post, you used the phrase "Wah wah wah".

      So yes, I agree with what you're saying, but I liked the 2011 vintage much better.