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  • sprintbrokesecrules sprintbrokesecrules Jul 1, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    Thank you Softband and Sprint for purposely running our 33 dollar stock into the ground and then selling a $15 stock for 5 bucks LMFAO

    Thank you for manipulating a company for your financial gain, Softbank and Sprint even if it destroyed billions and billions of dollars of value for Clearwire stockholders. Thank you for purposely running a 33 dollar company into the ground and completely destroying it for your personal financial gain. Thank you for completely corrupting the U.S. Stock market and never allowing Clearwire to trade freely and legally on the U.S. Stock Market. Finally, thank you Softbank and Sprint for breaking so many SEC rules that it is impossible for us to even calculate how many SEC rules were broken during this whole criminal enterprise.

    p.s. Thank you Softbank and Sprint for teaching us that if you think the U.S. stock market is legit and honest, and that stocks trade honestly and freely on the U.S. stock market, you are a sucker, and a giant moron! If you must trade on the U.S. stock market just know that it is a crooked and dirty game controlled by a bunch of crooks backed and supported by giant unethical companies!!!

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    • You sound like Bernie Madoff trying to rationalize to himself that it wasn't his fault that all those people lost the money that he stole, the people are responsible because they didn't stop him from stealing their money! What Sotbank and Sprint did is illegal as hell, just because they got away with it for now, doesn't make it right OR LEGAL!!! Think about it.........

    • It is always Sprint's fault. What about other investors? Was it really Sprint's job to make sure Clearwire survived? Why not Comcast, time Warner, bright house, crest , etc.

      Sprint argued for a wholesale model, but Clearwire wanted to get into the retail game. Did Sprint kill off Clearwire's international business? Clearwire failed in every country they tried to go retail. While many will blame Sprint, the real blame goes on Clearwire and EVERY major shareholder who did not demand the removal of all BoD members.

      They jumped into the retail game without having a legit network. Look up the numerous complaints they got. Sprint did not go unscathed either. They have the slowest 3G network in the US.

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      • Idiot... Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House didn't systematically control every step CLWR made so that they couldn't make money... Pull your head out of your as georgia #$%$.

      • Again you completely miss the point, many out there are saying that Sprint purposely appointed their puppets to the Clearwire Board with the exact intent of running the company into the ground, from you own post it seems that you completely agree that Clearwire was run into the ground, the same folks claim that the reason for Softbank and Sprint purposely running clearwire into the ground was so that they could screw Clearwire Stockholders out of billions and billions of dollars, and Sprint and Softbank would be able to take those same profits for their friend and themselves once the purposely did all they cold to Destroy Clearwire, they took it from 33 to under 1 dollar, so I do not think many would argue that they did indeed do their best to destroy Clearwire. Clearwire did indeed make every wrong move possible, it's almost as if nobody could manage a company that badly, unless their intent was to destroy the company so they could profit from it. Obviously all this is very, very, very illegal, time will tell if Sprint and Softbank execs ever face Bernie Madoff type criminal charges for this illegal behavior. Once Clearwire hit 1 dollar from all the crooked management, people realize that the Clearwire Spectrum alone was worth 15 dollars a share so Clearwire headed back up, but again Softbank and Spring engaged in illegal behavior to stop Clearwire from rising about 5 dollars per share, even though their true book value is about 15 dollars per share. I don't know about you, but to me that doesn't seem like a legal and ethical U.S. stock market. Sadly the big boys control and corrupt everything through illegal tactics in the U.S. stock market.

      • According t Joan, Softbank's success was due to using 2.5GHz spectrum. That shows either she is concocting a story that appeals to the masses who want to believe in her championing of the depressed value storyline or she is simply uninformed.

        Softbanks has developed a deployment-to-market strategy that has been years in the making and that built marketshare first using 3G in other bands. SB's 2.5GHz LTE deployments have happened only over the past ~18 months. Subscriber growth has been very good, however, like ll new networks, has started narrowly. The rest of the details hardly matter because this is just one example of distortion or ignoring the facts and playing the blame game story teller for poor, beaten down Clearwire.

        Your point is well taken: it was primarily Clearwire's job to match up the spectrum with deployed technology and devices to fill it with revenue paying business. Direct retail had to fulfill basic market requirements: Evolving competitive level of coverage, quality including consistency, delivered at a competitive price. If Clearwire as a wireless business can fulfill that basic set, no matter what the details are, they would be financially capable of standing up on their own.. and Joan would have to find another company to rant about.

        Joan's Ignorance is not bliss for investors:

        Investors should not be playing a game of looking for white knights or blaming others for what had already become a tanked stock with hopes for getting on a road to recovery.. 'if not for the big bad Blue Meany Sprint' (throw in LightSquared, Softbank/Son, whoever else is not bending over backwards to bail you out). The main game of investing is to look at the company, management, business plan, and ask if it is working to make the company, and therefore you, money.

        Clearwire had to either build direct retail to at least a few million subscribers or clamp down on the costs. WiMAX macrocell either delivered or CW had to wait for LTE.

      • We see your still around , whats your worry ??????????????

    • These companies are so bad , there no words in the dictionary , to descibe what crooks these BOD and CEO's and companies are.