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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jul 8, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    This Is My Final Message On This Board

    Barring the .01% chance that anything else happens, this will be my final post here.

    I want to thank many of you for insightful posts and good information. Once you eliminate the 90% of posts here that are basically junk, there was good stuff. Mbablitz and Teamrep were very useful in that regard.

    Although Mbablitz needs no explanation, Teamrep does, for those of you who were unable to look beyond the vitriol of his later days here. For me, he was an excellent resource for the technical aspects of clearwire, but from an investment or financial perspective, he had very little to offer.

    The worst on this board was, in fact, quite useful. For those who remember megahurtz, he was horribly deceiving because nobody could make fabrications appear more factual than he could. Still, he was useful, because his negative views on Clearwire were laced with factoids that one could extract... provided that one actually KNEW a fact from a fabrication... and few on this board were able to re-assemble a megahurtz post for what it truly was.

    In the end, we did good by clearwire and made some money. It wasn't the big gainer we hoped for in 2010, the small gainer we thought we could get in 2011, or the thought of breaking even or even losing money that we feared in 2012, but I'll always take a winner like this, even if it's less than hoped for. Asset plays are never slam dunks... look at the likes of Tejon (sp) Ranch, Weyerhauser or Petrobras. But the spectrum, combined with the backdrop of rapid growth of wireless data volumes, always made Hesse fight the uphill battle to steal this company.

    As for me, you'll always see me on the LVS board... and sometimes on the board of that "falling knife"... NLY.
    But this play was over when the deal was made with the Mt. Kellett group, and everything after that was a certified arbitrage glide path.

    Thanks to all, and GLTY!


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    • Spok...yours was one of the few posts I always read. You set a very good tone for constructive discussions. Good luck to you and to many others on this board like fine, blitz, sand, etc. And of course, veggie man!

    • Much appreciating Spokanimal and all Yahoo Clearwire board contributors. To say a farewell is always very sentimental feeling at anyone. But we do manage it to "survival", don't we? May justice prevails for everyone! As for Hesse, I wish him will be caught by law enforcement at inside trading sooner or later. See y'all, hear it?

    • I have enjoyed your posts and your insightful analysis here on the clwr story. It was quite ride and was happy it ended as well asit did but could have been a lot better. You were one of the few who had insightful understanding and analysis. So thanks a lot for your contributions and interesting reading.

      On another note, I have two types of investments, the growth portfolio which incudes clwr, 3 d printers, energy, material stocks, etc. Also have my divvy portfolio so I sympoathize with your merit experiences. I have a bunch of them along with mlps, kyn and rnf. They have been an interesting ride so I symkpathize with you ad hpe they turn around. But i'm getting clobbered there just like i'm coining money in some of my growth stocks But as you say good luck to all and glad things worked out as wel as they did.

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      • Thanks, pdb... and for your contributions on this board as well.

        Sorry to hear that you've grabbed at the m-REIT falling knives a bit too early as well. Dollar cost averaging should work well with them as we eventually move past the bottom because the dividends provide a large buffer. I'm a big proponent of dollar cost averaging because good value often preceeds a bottom by a large margin. That protection easily outweighs the occasions where the stock takes off after I've purchased only 1 or 2 traunches and the opportunity to buy more never presents itself.

        In the case of Clearwire, my initial traunch was in the high $7 range, yet my average cost in the end was only a smidge above Sprint's initial offer (nobody welcomed dish's competing bids more than I).

        GLTY, pdb. S.

    • Thank you. I found your posts informative and insightful. I didn't always agree with you, but appreciated your point of view. Good Luck!

    • I might suggest another line of work for you, you have guided yourself and others to historic losses. Although some of the sheep are clueless SHEEP PROTECTOR IS NOT. You are a fraud and should be hung out by your ankles.

      Sheep Protector

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I appreciate what you brought more than any else spok; and I will one last time offer to buy you a beer at the establishment of your choice here in Spokane. If not, thanks for keeping things interesting and the very spot on analysis

    • BTW, if anyone has some retrospect chat on clearwire, I'll hang with this thread for a few days to sew up any loose ends anyone might want to touch on.

      It was, after all, quite the adventure as contrarian plays go!


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      • I've always enjoyed reading your posts. On another subject, any idea why there is no message board on BXMT? And, I'd be very curious to know where you're going to stash your CLWR bounty - I can't imagine it's all going into LWS...

      • Thank you for all your contributions. They were always interesting and thought provoking readings. One hopes to cross path with you on other investments that will have as intense discussions as CLWR had. I wish you good success in all you investments!

      • That is a good attitude... overall, the stock turned into a fair investment ... or at least not so bad as the long term chart might suggest for many investors. Being contrarian can work, however, there were some basic issues with Clearwire that became overshadowed. The company stricture, for example, was largely ignored because both longs and shorts focused on other factors. I have to admit not focusing more on the deviation between the initial forecasts and company results. Even though the understanding starting early on was that retail sales were not measuring up, I failed to dig back to the initial forecasts and point that out more clearly. Any text book MBA program 'business case analysis' would start out with laying out the initial expectations and then show the course of events and how the results deviated from plan. In retrospect, I don't remember reading a single financial or industry report or hearing management ever mention how well the company was doing against those plans... or for that to have been clearly pointed out in any conference call. So, one basic question is 'how screwed up is that?'.. Why was the performance never bench-marked clearly against the early (snake oil sales stage) forecasts? An evaluation of any company, contrarian situation or not, should include starting with the basic business plan assumptions, ie. what sales numbers must be reached to achieve breakeven and how is the company doing at each step. Those questions should be put on the table at each conference call imo: XYZ said sales of XX million would be reached by 20XX, what is being done to either increase sales, lower costs, or sell the company/assets? Financial analysts did ask many times about sales of spectrum. However, the company and individual investors did not press that issue... the company largely avoided it by hiding behind the spectrum assets as if that were a be-all solution to operation to plan shortfalls.