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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jul 8, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    This Is My Final Message On This Board

    Barring the .01% chance that anything else happens, this will be my final post here.

    I want to thank many of you for insightful posts and good information. Once you eliminate the 90% of posts here that are basically junk, there was good stuff. Mbablitz and Teamrep were very useful in that regard.

    Although Mbablitz needs no explanation, Teamrep does, for those of you who were unable to look beyond the vitriol of his later days here. For me, he was an excellent resource for the technical aspects of clearwire, but from an investment or financial perspective, he had very little to offer.

    The worst on this board was, in fact, quite useful. For those who remember megahurtz, he was horribly deceiving because nobody could make fabrications appear more factual than he could. Still, he was useful, because his negative views on Clearwire were laced with factoids that one could extract... provided that one actually KNEW a fact from a fabrication... and few on this board were able to re-assemble a megahurtz post for what it truly was.

    In the end, we did good by clearwire and made some money. It wasn't the big gainer we hoped for in 2010, the small gainer we thought we could get in 2011, or the thought of breaking even or even losing money that we feared in 2012, but I'll always take a winner like this, even if it's less than hoped for. Asset plays are never slam dunks... look at the likes of Tejon (sp) Ranch, Weyerhauser or Petrobras. But the spectrum, combined with the backdrop of rapid growth of wireless data volumes, always made Hesse fight the uphill battle to steal this company.

    As for me, you'll always see me on the LVS board... and sometimes on the board of that "falling knife"... NLY.
    But this play was over when the deal was made with the Mt. Kellett group, and everything after that was a certified arbitrage glide path.

    Thanks to all, and GLTY!


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