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  • juliekiminlosangeles juliekiminlosangeles Jul 9, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    Not sure if you remember, but this stock gave me ulcers

    I did end up making just under 100k, I had all my money on it.
    i never made 100k (96k but I like calling it 100). I put 62 in an came out with 158 after 3 years.
    Anyway i am thinking about moving the bet to Sprint, but I don't understand the new sprint old sprint stock deal. When can I buy new sprint stock?

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    • I know how you feel I started buying clwr at 7 got may avg down to 1.80 so I also walked away with profit but I was betting on clwr to go global they would of made all of us rich, but sprint had other ideas oh well need to find another stock with that much potential.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I hope you followed up on this? Sprint is doing well these days..

    • I followed the same pattern, took my profit here and moved to sprint where I've locked in another nice profit. Unfortunately for you, the sprint merger deal is now over. the best you can do is buy into new sprint which will start trading Thursday, probably opening around mid 5s. I've posted there extensively why I think new sprint is a good deal but may take a few quarters to recognize its advantages. If your interested in my two cents, I'lll be glad to answer your questions and give what ever insight I can offer .But in any event, don't put all your eggs in any one basket. Anyway, hope this was helpful and if I can be of any other help let me know.