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  • CJL72 CJL72 Jan 24, 2010 4:41 PM Flag

    Anyone seen this kind of fluctuation?

    I have seen this kind of fluctuation, and if you have jumped in over the last month, there is good cause for fluctuation. (See Speculative DHS play below)

    First, disregard the reported Price to Earnings 5.78, EPS .013. Reversal of Accrual for 12M.

    I had to look at this over a two-year period, with average outstanding shares utilized for the period. Primary Reason, there was an accrual for 12M that was charged over the period, and reversed in 2009. (Sec's Registration Penalties)

    The offset appears to be G&A Expenses, with a Net Other Income of +1.17M, after reversal. (Excluded)

    In addition, Intellectual property last reported value, 1M, that is being written down by average 367K per year. The value of 363K was used for Intellectual Property.

    This company is underwater by (5.1806M), with Private Placement Debt Holders as the owners of the company in theory. (2.410411M) Debt can be converted to Common Stock. (Conversion range appears to be .03 - .11) (With security interest in company assets. In which there is very little asset value)

    Target Range by end of April-10: .0397 - .0797

    Enterprise Factor Underwater: (.0236_442) / Share

    Price to Above Factor: (1.67_756) to (3.37_81)

    However, I would place this company on a watch list, as a speculative Dept of Homeland Security play, with a possible trading range .03 - .07

    Provider of botanical-DNA based security and authentication solutions that can help protect products, brands and intellectual property of companies, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion.

    SigNature® DNA and BioMaterial™ Genotyping, our principal anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions, can be used in numerous industries, including cash-in-transit (transport and storage of banknotes), textiles and apparel, identity cards and other secure documents, pharmaceuticals, and luxury goods.

    Speculative buy, with a possible trading range.

2.90-0.02(-0.68%)1:23 PMEDT