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  • mpom330 mpom330 Dec 20, 2012 8:06 PM Flag

    The skinny on APDN... part 2


    SIA also took exception to the fact that only one supplier, Applied DNA Sciences, is authorized to provide the DNA marking material, raising issues regarding lack of market competition. "While we appreciate the efforts DLA has made to examine a single company’s technology, we believe that proceeding as proposed will actually do more harm than good." SIA said, adding that it "has serious concerns about relying on a sole source for the current program without competitive bidding for the product/service," and "we are more convinced than ever that the DNA marking technology has a very limited application and could create a false sense of security. It will cost semiconductor manufacturers millions and millions of dollars, which most likely would not be recouped from sales. Moreover, it places security for an entire industry on one company and technology."

    The SIA, which represents the U.S. semiconductor industry, has asked DLA to postpone implementing the DNA-marker program until more testing has been conducted, and until more questions are answered in response to semiconductor industry concerns. SIA concluded:

    "We strongly recommend against adopting the purposed DNA plan and urge the government to consult with the semiconductor industry and its partners to develop a more comprehensive and effective anti-counterfeiting technology and to take advantage of the tens of millions of dollars already invested in the anti-counterfeiting R&D project in Europe."

    Also in response to the issue, the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association’s JC-13 Committee, which oversees global standards for the microelectronics industry, is looking into concerns over the DNA marking program. JC-13 is responsible for standardizing quality and reliability methodologies for solid state products used in military, space, and other environments requiring special-use condition capabilities beyond standard commercial practices. The committee has given the DLA a list of questions about the program, particularly focusing on supplier liability and legacy semiconductor marking.

    Despite stated objections and anxieties by SIA and JEDEC DLA is moving forward with implementation of the DNA marking mandate. The agency has said, however, that it is open to other solutions and by the end of 2012 it intends to evaluate other existing marking methods.

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