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  • wowzer12345 wowzer12345 Jan 18, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

    Become a APDN Advocate, and Promoter

    With all of the world wide social sites, forums, and mega areas for mass communications, why don't each of us do a small part in brining awareness to this wonderful company.

    Each of us can in a 10 minute period, go onto FB, twitter, or whatever form of social context, and do a little marketing for APDN and our investments. Post articles, opinions, and positive news for oiur investment.

    If each and everyone of us who come by this MB and look for updates, news and info on APDN, just spend 10 minutes out of our lives to take a moment and "market" APDN, in our own ways, we can bring attention to more of the masses, which you know will have the potential to invite new share holders, and have a domino affect on the bottom line.
    And yes of course as APDN evolves month by month, and aquires more contarcts and potential investors, it will hoprfully sweeten the pot and share price.

    Now for any of you who are going to tell me to "pound salt" in the time that it took you to tell me to pound salt, you could have used that energy to market APDN.

    Become Proactive and feel good in the sense that you have contributed in a postive manner for each and everyones goals with this company.

    By all means , play the dips and , and make a few bucks along the way.
    I do that myself, and with the small profits I buy more shares, and have a core postion with those shares, paid by other peoples money.

    Just mt 2 cents

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    • I agree. Please check out the APDN Facebook investor group. There we can post SEC filings in pdf form, article links and INVITE others to join in this investing opportunity. The key to watching this market cap grow is increasing its fledgling volume.

      The FB page is at Facebook groups APDNstock

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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