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  • chasnetcomm chasnetcomm Apr 6, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    New investor

    I'm a new guy at this. what could a stock like Applied DNA Science go up to?

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    • ghritz Apr 10, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

      There are no guarantees, a stock purchase is a bet on a company's future and a review of the headlines and press releases suggest a bright future. I have been an investor for almost three years on a buy-and-hold basis and I believe that APDN has the best anti-counterfeiting, authentication, and cash-in-transit protection in this $60B worldwide market. I see the present situation as being a function of investor indecision. The runup started in August at $0.05 and went to $0.144, in September it went to $0.285 and was never below $0.017 until March 15 when we saw a retreat, mostly owing to no news, and have rebounded back into the $0.20's. With all the irons this company has in the fire I believe we'll be getting some more good news fairly soon, and I believe this view is being held by many others who are also waiting. This stock is not being traded but is being tweaked by investors trying to gain a good position without risking a sell off to buy into a dip that may not happen.

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      • Here we go again. This guy along with his partner, Tommy aka Tammy, pumped MDFI right till the bitter end. It's still trading, what's left of it. It's on life support. Now, he's here pumping another penny stock. Don't trust ghritz, he's going to make money, lots of money but he's going to make the money at other investors expense. He really did a number on the investors of MDFI. Be very careful, DON'T TRUST HIM. I know what I'm talking about, I know this guy.

    • jerrymcartor Apr 9, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

      When and if they ever actually make a profit, they could go up a lot. You could make several times your original investment, or more, maybe a lot more. This is a "story stock" though, they may never make money, they may be bought out by a bigger company, or they could go bankrupt and you could lose whatever money you used in this speculation. Or, they could issue a bunch more stock and dilute your investment away. They do have a good story though....

      Today's trading of 1.4 million shares sounds like a lot, but if the average trade was say, $2000, and you assume each trade had new people trading, that would mean there were about 300 people trading this stock today. 150 buyers and 150 sellers. Seems like a pretty thin market to me. So before this stock is going to go to the moon, more people are going to have to hear and like the story, or a few people who want to own a big part of the company, or the story will have to become more compelling.

      I have bought and sold this stock, and currently do not own it. I rated it a hold for a longer term speculator, and I do have orders to buy it at a lower price than where it is now. (Watch those spreads!)

      Sentiment: Hold

    • $2 in two years....potential unlimited

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