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  • shanghaishark shanghaishark Apr 12, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    What r the Pumpers Afraid of?

    If they truly view APDN as a long-term hold and get rich story, as they incessantly claim, WHY WHY would they fear a pull back to below 10??!!??

    There's only one poster, therealgman - well make that two, ME, who want to see this happen in order to pick up more shares. Now, the former w/d call those shares "cheap" whereas I'd categorize them as "less irrational".

    So, it seems if the "pumping brotherhood" is going to put their money where their BIG mouth is, they'd be cheering on posts questioning the value of the SHARE PRICE (NOT the COMPANY or MGT -- did YOU ALL GET THAT LAST POINT??!!??)

    DON'T THEY WANT TO PICK UP SHARES AT A BETTER PRICE??!!?? Or could it be their faith is less than absolute... maybe it'd help if i churn out dozens of pumping posts like i used to do a couple of years ago on the apdn mb to spur the true-believers back in the game at the 8 handle instead of staying on the sidelines like they did last time...

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    • This is very far from a get rich quick story as many of us who have been in this stock for a number of years know all too well. But I do believe it is a get rich eventually story since I believe APDN has a disruptive product. Obviously the various current non-APDN technologies employed to combat counterfeits fall woefully short. If that were not the case the world would not be suffering from a $1.7 counterfeit market. If APDN's product can truly prove resilient and effective over time to push back against this flood shareholders should benefit greatly. But this is likely a multi year process - still. That's why I will continue buying more APDN on all dips - and the current dip is getting quite juicy. I will trade my (so far) small trading position (of 100K ish)and keep the core no matter what. I will be adding to my trading block on this dip - probably within the next 10 days as this market bleeds out.

      In spite of the picture one might imagine by looking at the stock chart, the company continues to do everything right to lay a solid foundation for future growth. So bash or pump - it doesn't matter. Stocks go up and they go down. Look at the current tone of the market. Everything is getting crushed lately. March ended and, as is very typical as April rolls in, a short term top was put in. No worries. Wait for the blood to run then step in and buy your favorite stocks. In the penny arena APDN is my favorite.

      Stay Tuned...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "In spite of the picture one might imagine by looking at the stock chart, the company continues to do everything right to lay a solid foundation for future growth."

        I've always agreed with the above statement, although i attach a higher risk distrib around it than you... and you at least do appear to put your money where your mouth is.

        btw, i framed it as a long-term hold and get rich story not a get rich overnight deal, that's why i questioned the pumpers as to why they'd be upset over anyone they felt was influencing the price lower... wouldn't they want to add at better prices if they were so confident?

        i have a lot of confidence in APDN's management and product, just not the pumper's skill in forming a proper opinion on its stock value...

        they're an angry and defensive lot...

    • Shang c'mom dude own up to it you probably bought this stock at 8 and chased it the whole way up to 29 and now are so far underwater with it the only recourse you can think of is averaging down for survival. What's really funny is your delusional enough to believe you can affect the price with your constant diatribe. I think you are another loser living and learning hard lessons in pennyland.

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      • hi wpampam - if you'd like let's coordinate on setting up an escrow account in which we both deposit $5000... or make it $10000 at which time i'll supply my trading records on apdn to demonstrate gains in the 10s of thousands of dollars...winner take all! i could use a little "chump change", as it

        what's delusional is that you think i presume i can affect the price! i can't... all i can do is evaluate whether i think it's overvalued or not and make a wager, accordingly...

        so, basically you've been 1) wrong about pps 2) wrong about my g/l in apdn 3) wrong about me thinking i can influence price 4) wrong about me not liking the company...

        based on your track record, i'd say you're a candidate for contrarian signaler of the year! gl

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