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  • wpamntnman wpamntnman Apr 14, 2014 2:15 PM Flag

    The Chart

    on this stock has gradually been heading down ever since it hit its peak price, and yet shang would have everyone believe he's been playing catch a falling knife successfully all that time and never lost a dime in APDN. Man this guy is some penny stock guru. In all my years doing this I've never seen or even heard of any penny stock gambler whose has such an incredible perfect track record, especially in a stock with a falling price. LOL ;)

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    • everyone who thinks he/she can read APDN's chart is certifiable amateur who just has zero clue about investing or TA analyses, rest of you folks can just put that person on ignore...this is a coin flip gambling stock, it likely will continue bleeding into single digits if there is no news with meet, or it may shoot up if the DLA indeed expands the mandate, no way to tell, I don't think Dr.H knows how to make money, I wouldn't expect much improvement in financials without DLA expansion, just my 2cents

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      • Hayward has a successful track record as an entrepreneur and it appears as though they're building out the business in a slow, but steady fashion. Their technology is intriguing, and while the focus has been on anti-counterfeiting it's always possible there're other as-yet-to-be determined profitable areas for it to be deployed. To the extent they have strong patents, it may turn out some day that the company hits it big with some completely unexpected use for its technology. In that way, buying into APDN is like buying an option on ALL future uses for its nano-solutions.

        As for chart analysis, I think it's a silly endeavor in all cases. Maybe back in the days of pre-algorithms and when the legions of math/physics phd's worked at Bell Labs and not at hedge funds equipped with state-of-the-art computers. I'm comfortable with the fact that genius-manned supercomputers are going to be able to detect non-random patterns or potential momentum opportunities way faster than my brain, which evolved for hunting and foraging. To think otherwise is just foolish, but to each his own.

    • hey wpam -

      what happened the last time i showed up and stated apdn was overvalued? well, besides the comically irate responses, the pps sank BELOW 10 to about 8 or so if i recall

      what happed this time i showed up... oops ... the pps is sinking again... but i stay true to my word, unless there's significant upside news, i'm partial only to buying under 10...

      you, my friend, on the other hand, along with your band of pumping brothers have been buying high and crying low... bwaaaa bwaaaa

      just check the posts wpampam.... vs your and others... they tell the truth...

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