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  • forcefield1 forcefield1 Mar 18, 1999 3:15 PM Flag

    Felcor's Competition

    One of Felcor's competitor is Meristar Hotels &
    Resorts (MMH-$2.75). Meristar is one of the largest hotel
    operators with over a billion in revenues. If you like
    Felcor you should take a look at MMH. There is a real
    good piece of research on the web at the site. You need to scroll down the index to the
    March 19, 1999 stories and click the Meristar story.
    Here's the link to the web

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    • Maybe someone told them to love it or leave it

      AND THEY DID! ;-)

    • Hopefully that wouldn't be a $2 down move. :)

    • See message 351.......Geez, just tumble weeds here........

    • Please elaborate scyley� post 405, this is a new stock to me but the numbers look good, how does the projected $4.07 work???

    • that $4.07 you refer to is NOT earnings per share (though its usually listed that way) - but I believe you'll find its FFO, a totally different ball of wax...


    • Last summer.

      Don't underestimate how low
      something can go with 'bad' news'.

      That said I'm
      sure the stock will eventually recover within a couple
      of years.

      If the dividend rate goes to 15%,
      so be it (I may buy some more then.).

    • stock like FCH will get you into hot water fast.
      Stock is descending as I write this on no news other
      than interest rates.

      My advice to you is to
      wait for FCH to become a teenager. At the rate it's
      heading, that'll be the end of next week.

      Here is the address of a site
      that I've been following the last
      three weeks. It
      happens quick and I'm having fun. Thought some
      of you
      might want to check it

    • FCH 21 1/4

      6 STRONG
      2 HOLD


      P/E 11.83
      Next five years growth:

      DEC 97 .35 MAR 98 .51 JUN 98 .54 SEP 98 .57
      98 .36 MAR 99 .97 JUN 99 1.06 expected

      This year
      (Dec 99) expected earnings per share: $4.07
      would place the expected P/E to: 5.4
      Average P/E: 8.9

      That means if this stock
      continues to grow as expected and someday hits the industry
      average for the year would place the value of the stock
      at $ 36.22 a share, an extreme bargain at it's
      current price.

      Let's say you wait for two years
      for it to hit this price, with a 10% while you wait.

      A $10,000 investment would turn into
      Assuming your dividends were reinvested.

      How did I
      come up with this?
      $10,000 would buy you 470
      470 shares X the dividend of .55 = $258 a
      Reinvested this would purchase 11
      Four quarters in a year would give you an extra 44
      shares a year
      88 shares for the two years
      added to
      your original 470 shares
      gives you 558 shares X the
      above stock price of $36.22
      gives you your grand
      total of $20,088
      or if it stayed flat for the next
      two years you still would have $11,857
      either way
      you will increase your investment at least

      As long as earnings come in give or take a few cents
      I'm in to double my funds.
      If you know something
      I don't speak up, because I'm about to buy more.

    • opinion regarding FCH stock holding its' own for
      remainder of '99. It will take a major catalyst to move it
      higher than 25 by 2000.

      The 6% spike in interest
      rates is just that...a temporary spike.
      Has happened
      before...will happen again. Although FCH has alot of its debt
      leveraged well, the market disfavors REITs when interest
      rates rise due to non-rational factors. (Witness FCH
      steady decline over the last month).

      I last
      bought FCH at 18 1/8. If it ever plunges to this level
      again..I'll buy more.

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