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  • toolatetrade toolatetrade Jun 21, 2006 1:06 PM Flag

    public offering

    dose anybody have an oppinion on this

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    • Thursday � February 15 � 2007

      Liberals propose changes to income trust tax levels

      Juliet O'Neil
      The Ottawa Citizen

      Wednesday, February 14, 2007

      The federal Liberals yesterday proposed a lower tax rate on income trusts than the one planned by the government, saying investors could recoup two-thirds of the losses they experienced last fall.

      The proposal would reduce the government's planned rate of 31.5 per cent to 10 per cent. In addition, the Liberals propose limiting the impact of the tax to foreign investors by making the tax fully refundable for Canadian residents.

      The plan was announced by Liberal leader Stephane Dion and party finance critic John McCallum after hearing from dozens of witnesses and investors at Commons finance committee hearings.

      Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has insisted that the government will make no substantial changes to the tax. The New Democratic Party supports the government plan.

      Gordon Tait, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets, and Dirk Lever, managing director for RBC Capital Markets, were quoted in a Liberal statement as agreeing the opposition proposal would likely restore at least two-thirds of the $25 billion in losses through higher investor interest in the income trusts.

      Mr. Tait also said it "would also ensure that Canadian investors continue to have a high-yield investment vehicle available to them."

      Mr. McCallum acknowledged the proposal would not help investors who have sold their trust holdings.

      "The bad news is that for those who have sold, there isn't really anything we can do, or it would be very difficult," Mr. McCallum said. "From our point of view, it's better to help the majority who haven't sold than to help nobody at all."
      � The Ottawa Citizen 2007

    • I hate this additional share opportunity to those who have not been in this stock and now are given a golden dividend of 8.5 % while we have struggled in the past to make 8 %.
      We've been stabbed in the back, not fatally,
      but by management that don't have the courtesy of explaining why they are screwing us long term holders.
      Best bet is to hold off buying for a while, hope for a dip in 23 and buy some then.

      • 2 Replies to jw727200
      • i recall when the stock was upgraded and i bought more. then the stock started trading down for about a week. i could not understand that. now its all on the table and i like you and many others are screwed. i agree with another post that this is a poor time to offer stock. but 8.5 is a big return to get in onat these prices. us, we are under water-so many ways to get tatuted in the market. this stock was tradind above 30 at one point.

    • It is an absolutely shitty time to be bringing any type of secondary in this sector at the present time...period imo!!! Why they can't wait for a more favorable time is beyond me.

      iknoweverythingdotcom from brooklyn ny

    • They are using it to pay off debt, etc..thats good of course.

      As far as the drop in price, its dilution so drop appears normal. I am looking to buy into this lp but will most likely wait a bit, may drop a little more.

    • I would like an offer of explanation as well. 3% + drop seems like an abnormal correction