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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Apr 27, 2010 12:38 AM Flag

    Cramer recomended Inergy (NRGY) tonight on Mad Money

    Cramer was talking about the same call PICKENS had today and mentioned NRGY with 2 oth Nat. Gas Co's. I believe that when PICKENS came out today on CNBC and said that according to his connections in Washington DC in both houses the energy bill will be passed this year. If PICKENS says that Natural Gas is the future and the politicians in DC realize this as it has sunk in deep that for The US to get of f energy dependence from opec at the rate of $1 BILLION a day we are heading for a future that will leave our children and grandchildren in a world of pain as a second class citizen in the global economy and if we do not adddress this issue now it could be too late for US to turn the corner. We have 200 years of known Natural Gas Energy right here in our country. We have the technology to become energy independent and kepp $1 BILLION a day in our economy creating not just jobs, we will create careers where our children and grandchildren can work for an entire career. Our country needs this legislation and PICKENS says BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE behind tapping this energy that happens to be 30% cleaner than the current technology and will only become greener as we as Americans come together and make this happen. Immagine our country that is not only energy independent, we become the "new OPEC" as we export Natural Gas to the rest of the world. I tell you this, and I say it with all my conviction that NRGY is the future of Global Business, our country depends on it and we must not fail. The days of to big to fail are over, it is time that we become proactive in supporting companies like Inergy that will shape the future of many of our lives, the lives of our decendents above all. Energy independence will lead to American Independence as the money will stay here and be invested here and lead to lower taxes and better human services for our citizens going forward into the future. We are beyond our time to make waves in the equities markets in drawing retai/industrial customers to NRGY. We very well be looking at the next Microsoft, Apple, or Google in the equities market with NRGY. Look at the technologies, laws coming into place, and an OPEC that is lookingat a minnimum new $80 barrel, and our abilities to make this happen with market leaders with a track record like NRGY. I look forward to an NRGY that is uP every trading session with no pullbacks for years to come. We are not far off. Do your American duty and buy when you can and do not sell unless it is needed. Let's dry up share supply and drive this stock higher and higher as this great story of NRGY unfolds of how it will benefit all of US. People and institutions will stand uP and take notice as NRGY heads higher and higher on track with a vengence that tells the world, "We have given you aid to get your economies growing and spread democracy, now is our time to take care of our nation and reclaim our Global status of a country to aspire to become. We do this out of the overdue need for our common man and our future generations. America will prevail and the world can once again stand and appreciate in awe of our example as we lead the world forward in thebenefit for all the global citizens of the Global Economy."

    If not now, when will we take charge of our destiny. I have a Picture of President Obama above my computer in my home office that quotes," DESTINY- Our Destiny is not written for us, but by us." Signed by President Barack Obama.

    Let's write our destiny, and let's make it right for the good of all.

    Robbie L. Berger, Founder & CEO
    Berger Networks, Inc.

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    • Cramer is an idiot, a liar and professional shorter...
      ..GS like. case for the SEC.

      Obama is like Cramer, loudmouth, liar...
      ...and finished in NOV!!

      Put his picture into the cesspit.

      Before you listen to one of them, listen to the doctor.

    • I like your spirit, but unfortunately your following of the Dictator Obama will lead you down a path you can only see with rose colored glasses. Barrack Hussein Obama cares only about his image and not the true American people who were intentionally made to believe he would be a good leader of this great country. If BHO did care about the people who elected him, we wouldn't be in this financial debt and unemployment mess we're in now. If BHO paid as much attention towards Natural Gas being a #1 priority to reduce oil and coal dependency as he did naming his personal "czars", then America would have already been on the road to recovery. Natural gas would have increased employment and decreased "dirty fuel" like coal that electric companies depend on to keep their power stations operating. Automobile manufacturers would be manufacturing low maintenance and Natural Gas fueled vehicles as an option and not high maintenance electric vehicles which will only raise the cost of electric utilities. But - I guess that's OK with you because as you quote," Our destiny is not written for us, but by us." The main word being "us" meaning the government under the dictatorship of Barrack Hussein Obama.

      • 2 Replies to heg_fuyung
      • I believe that his history could have been written by him and not for him. This I will say and stand by. "I will stand by my President, Democrat or Republican, as I am an American and proud of our liberties that they represent to "us" and as ambasadors to the world to spread the same liberties to all... no matter of race, sex, or religion."

        If you have $8.00 in your possession, you are wealthier than 90% of the worlds population."

        When a person takes tha into fact, it's hard to feel blessed and lucky we (us) realy are. It is true when they say, God has Blessed America."

        As for coal and oil. We know it is tied to the powers that be. My family owns 2 oil wells and a few coal mines in ND. Coal has come a long way and believe it or not, clean coal technology is 30% more environmentally efficient than the STANDARD natural gas productions in operation. Ford has natural gas vechlies in production at this time and you can buy just about any type of vechile from fleet to street(see my prevvious posts here). AT&T has 2000 in operation. Go to the Ford site and take a look at that natural gas poliece cruser that will chase down a Corvette(links in the prior posts). It is frusterating to me to see that natural gas has a place in becoming a major part of "us" becoming energy independent 100%, not to mention the exporting of natural gas and the creation of millions and millions of not just jobs, we are talking careers on top of all of this........ and we have a stagnant NRGY equity price. Stock prices reflect future predicions of the outlook of a company. NRGY has all the pieces in place and even makes money while providing a dividend. NRGY could easily be trading at NRGP's price. With the recent market glitch last week and stock prices now correcting over the next week, would'nt it be nice to see NRGY to head over $50+ considering that NRGY is validated at trading over $80+ given market valuation standards. I would bet my last dollar that once NRGY hit the $70's, the company would issue a 3 for 1 stock split based on past performance. There will never be a better time than now to adjust NRGY's stock price to respectable levels that WILL attract new investors in the future. If someone told me that I could buy 1 share of Apple for a $1 10 years ago, however, I had to wait for the 10 tears to elapse and I could sell it @ $300.......... I'd be grabbing every last cent available to get as many as I could. NRGY just may be one of those opportunities staring you in the face with the same 10 year proposition.

        Everyone have a good day, and remember, we "us" are blessed.

        Good Trading!

      • The majority of the debt came under President Bush in the wars and the prescription drug program. As for President Obama, yes, I am dissapointed in him as a Veteran. The Veterans Administrations budget was tripled last year and it was the first year in decades that Veterans did not get a cost of living increase. I proudly served under Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. as a US Marine, and they always put Veterans first with the exception of admitting that Gulf War Syndrom was real when then knew that GWS was due directly from when the dirty bombs were put in trenchechs and then detonated to destroy them, at the same time all humans around the area were breathing in toxins. Did you know that it is estimated that around 2/3rds of those serving have some sort of PTSD or other sort of psyciatriact condition? Did you also know that once a person serving in the war comes home and is cleared through the Veterans Administration it will take an average of 5+ years before they recieve any financial benefits even though the claims officers have more than doubled. The debt is far from being reingned in for I believe possibly 20 years from now......... and that is if we do not get into any more wars. Kind of suspicious how we (us) get into a war every 20 years. Maybe it has to do with corporate greed by defense contractors that need to real-life test and consume all war materials and then the further need to restock a refined arsenal of new war technologies. The Presidents can not be blamed for everything, there is a higher force of power higher than any public office tha is running the "show". It is unfortunate that President W. Bush had to use the funds for war rather than infastructure in our society.