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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger May 10, 2010 9:00 AM Flag

    NRGY retractment post market glitch

    NRGY should get a nice bounce today with all the good global news that is pushing the entire US Markets higher, not to mention the post market glitch correction from last week. Low fair value is =or- $$39. Now would be a nice time to hit the sweet spot with this stock and head it to a more reflective market valuation that can validate $80+ share price based on market valuations models and other equities with similar growth and dividend structure. I know we will not see $80+ today. It would be nice to see a healthy rebound considering the DOW Futures up over 350+. Who knows, this stock continues to go all over the charts with no grasp to fundamentals. Maybe today will be the day that this stock takes hold to the market norms and heads to higher ground. I spoke to the company and voiced my opinion last week that a 3 for 1 would also be good for NRGY........ they said that they will take it into consideration.....LOL! At least they answer the phones and give a response. I do have to say that this company has great management and has made the right decisions at the right time. Maybe the maket can follow by getting the share price at the right price (fair and equitable). It's a steal down here and I believe that is keeping investors (volume) away as they are saying, "what's wrong with this one?" There is always a reason for a depressed stock price, I just can't find one her in NRGY on the DD. Is there something I am not seeing or factoring in the DD?


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