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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger May 12, 2010 10:05 AM Flag

    NRGY STOCK SPLIT- Just contacted IR NOW!!!

    Our private message board has came to the conclusion that NRGY needs to enact a 5 for 1 stock plit on NRGY ASAP! IR has the message and lets see what they do with it. Our private board picks 100%+ gainers over and over and over........... I stressed the point that NRGY should follow NRGP's 3 for 1 stock split and give NRGY a 5 for 1 stock plit right now as a immediate need if they are looking for huge volume going forward given the current GULF situation and the shipping and refinery production levels going forward and the following rise in oil prices that will give more investor sentiment to bying alternative energy. The call was quick and to the point and the focal point was for the company to setNRGY up to attract a broader investor base and the immediate need for a suggested 5 for 1 s/p asap. If NRGY inacts the split we know that investment clubs as well as institutional investors will dive into NRGY. A 10 for 1 was suggewsted only if dividends could support the action. This management has done a stellar job so far and it is about time that the equity gets positioned for explosive volume if the propper actions by management are taken now. The window is tight and we feel that NOW is the time as NRGY would greatly appreciate going with the split rather that leaving the share structure as is.

    Come on NRGY, GET THAT PR OUT THERE RIGHT NOW! The PR alone will give a spike in volume and place the signal to the market that NRGY is coming into play.

    Time is everything right now, and the company NEEDS to act before lunch if possible and before the bell in the am the latest for the timing of the deal. If the company has a priority of raising shareholder equity, they will act on this matter, I believe the company management at the executive level will understand and follow the suggested srategy as a means of maximizing shareholder profits.

    Here's to a fine company that has the message that IMO will take this with certain priority as a function of business. Let's just hope that IR gets this message to the executive leadership ASAP!