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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger May 19, 2010 11:24 AM Flag

    5 for 1 did not look to bad....

    ....I know what I'm talking about, and I did put ASAP to IR. I guess they never told the board. When a stock market guru that beat out over a quarter million investors from novice to top traders from Goldman, Morgan, and all the other big firms and beats every one of them says a direct word of advice that is specific, maybe they will take the advice on a more serious note. Whats the quote right now?

    About $4 down from my urgent request to the company, now place the market cap on that. You NEVER EVER come out with a NRGP stock split announcement and the not follow through with a NRGY split based on the same reason. Someone should be fired for missing the day in Grad school that made this clear. This is the first incompetent thing that my DD has found the company do of substantial importance in maximizing stakeholder equity. I've posted the new trading ranges the other day, looks like NRGY is heading for the lower range. Stakeholders shold be making money her, not loosing it. With natural gas heading lower now all it will take is 1 firm to naked short this into the $20's.

    Great Company, Horrible Market Metrics Comprehension.

    TThe silver lining is that there will be a wake-uP in the company and good buying opportunities down the road.

    BTW, it's not too late for that split, take more time and we are only looking at a 4 for 1 instead of a 5 for 1.

    A company must not only be positioned for operational growth, they must also must be positioned for market growth. Shame on announcing a NRGP split and not following through with a NRGY split. Who knows, maybe this is calculated and a stock buyback is planned, then the company may make guru status on the market side.

    Good Trading!