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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Jul 19, 2010 2:43 AM Flag

    "C, S, BIDU, NRGY, & GS" The BERGER 500's Top 5 Equities

    "C, S, BIDU, NRGY, & GS"

    "The BERGER 500's Top 5 Equities for the second half of 2010 are: C, S, BIDU, NRGY, & GS"

    After considering FINREG, C is positioned for a breakout 15 second(s) ago As I had stated months ago, "The Government and Pandit were using Citigroup as a model going forward in the FINREG resolution." At that time many were saying that Citigroup was going to go bankrupt and was no longer solvent. That notion was struck down by Pandit during testimony where the Government and Pandit showed the American Public that Citigroup was solvent and was expected to have stellar earnings in 2010 and beyond. The stock then took off to +$5 PPS and S&P Analysts were evaluating Citigroup with a broad range of $8 to $12 in 2010 based in fact on S&P Valuation Models. Now we reach a new revelation in the evolution of Citigroup and the finalization of FINREG. Yes, in fact Citigroup had Government oversight and a competent Pandit that were using the firm as a tool for designing FINREG that on an overall basis benefits Citigroup over the other large banks in the sector as Pandit sold off assets that were going to be targeted by FINREG in the end allowing Citigroup the least effectd by FINREG on earnings going forward by focusing the Global Bank on its core business of doing what it does best.... working with credit worthy individuals and Global Business such as Coke and Pepsi Global Operations (currency, financing, accounting) as well as a LEADING MASSES of almost ALL MAJOR US and International Companies. As a result of FINREG, Citigroup has pre-organized and re-organized for the future giving the Bank a DISTINCT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over its competitors going forward. All of the other competitors will need to have huge investment in re-orginazitation (financial and human capital) while Citygroup is fully operational and has shed assets that are going to be regulated with significant effects to the bottom lines in profits going forward. Pandit and Citygroup deserves a pat on the back for turning a company that was destined for facing insolvency and turning the Bank back into a better, stronger, and most importantly solvent viable business with a competitive advantage over the other financial institutions going forward. I would consider Citygroup a top canidate for leader of the pack in the second half of 2010 in equity appreciation as there has been a clear turnaround story here with a validated turnaround. Asset allocation in portfolio's adding and/or increasing positions of Citygroup (C) is favorable given the current market conditions.

    The BERGER 500's Top 5 Equities for the second half of 2010 are: C, S, BIDU, NRGY, & GS

    RL Berger
    BERGER 500

    Monday, July 19th, 2010
    "C, S, BIDU, NRGY, & GS"